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  • Aaron’s TRB86 AE86

    Aaron’s TRB86 AE86

    It’s not very often that you see AE86s on the road, and when you do, they’re usually either a beat up drift missile or some old rust bucket. […]

  • Downshift November 2012 Meet

    Downshift November 2012 Meet

    Here at Downshift we pride ourselves on organising and providing what has become no doubt, the premier car meet in Queensland. With attendance records growing […]

  • JDMST August 2012 – Melbourne

    JDMST August 2012 – Melbourne

    After weeks of preparation by Longinus, the next JDMST meet was booked in at Flagstaff carpark in Melbourne’s CBD. With the amount of preparation involved, […]

  • Showcased Sydney Road Trip

    Showcased Sydney Road Trip

    Words: Andrew Price | Pics: Matyas Fulop & Josh Dobrik I’d been fairly amped to attend ‘Showcased’ presented by THE-LOWDOWN for weeks until my plans […]

  • JDMST June 2012 – Melbourne

    JDMST June 2012 – Melbourne

    Another month down and another great turn out. This month meet was back at the Bolte Bridge. It was shameful that a bunch of heroes […]

  • JDMST May 2012 – Melbourne

    JDMST May 2012 – Melbourne

    I didn’t bother charging my batteries, nor clearing out my SD card the day before, as I decided to give this month’s meet a miss…

  • JDMST May 2012 – Sydney

    JDMST May 2012 – Sydney

    “I’m going to be late…” – That was the first thing that came to my mind when I woke up on Sunday morning.
    This month’s meet was an early 10am and I’d slept in!

  • JDMST April 2012 – Sydney

    JDMST April 2012 – Sydney

    The latest Sydney meet was held at Western Sydney International Dragway, organised by JDMST, Top Secret Imports and the crew from Driftmob. This meet was […]

  • JDMST April 2012 – Melbourne

    JDMST April 2012 – Melbourne

    Alan Luy has been kind enough to lend us another set of images from the latest meet of JDMST’s Melbourne chapter, so here’s a quick […]