“I’m going to be late…” – That was the first thing that came to my mind when I woke up on Sunday morning.

This month’s meet was an early 10am and I’d slept in! But that didn’t dampen the mood and atmosphere by the time I reached MPS Garage at 12pm. Compared to previous months, this meet was a bit quieter – even though that meant less cars, that didn’t mean there weren’t any nice people around! Everyone was willing to share what their cars were about.

And it wasn’t just restricted to drivers, families and kids were all welcome for a beautiful Sunday.

Some super clean and quality cars rolled in and out during the day.

More and more drift RC cars appear at every meet!

And the Rexxies came in herds.


Wherever a wild NSX appears, the crowds follow.

A Nice lazy Sunday afternoon well spent at JDMST – ┬áthen it was time to attend the VW Nationals, which i will be covering in another post coming soon! … A lazy Sunday was now becoming a big day for photography!

More photos via the Form&Function facebook, Flickr and blog.

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