The latest Sydney meet was held at Western Sydney International Dragway, organised by JDMST, Top Secret Imports and the crew from Driftmob. This meet was the largest to date with Top Secret Imports crew estimating over 1500 cars there and over $2000 raised for charity. A gold coin donation was asked for upon entry and the money went towards the Variety Children’s Charity. A whole mix of cars and styles were to be seen on the night: drift, stance, street, JDM, VW, BMW, European, old school and many more.

This is from about the middle of the car park showing the size of the meet. You can see a blue and white building down the back, that is where the cars first parked when the meet started.

We are towards the bottom of the car park here. Designated parking spots ran out so people we parking on the grass just to fit everyone in.

Walking through the car park it was hard to decide what cars too photography, there were that many. This clean S13 caught my eye, with its simple and clean modifications.

One of the many stanced cars present at the meet. Good thing about this car is the stance is functional, car is a daily driver as well.

This clean Toyota Corona is actually running a Nissan RB20 under the bonnet. Owner got pulled over once and the cops didn’t even notice that the engine was different.

FD3S RX-7 running a full RE-Amemiya wide bodykit. This car could be spotted a mile away with the bright yellow paint and gold RE30s.

A totally unique set of wheels.. must be annoying to clean these though.

This NSX caused quite a stir on arrival and it’s easy to see why. With its loud paint and widebody kit, it’s hard not to notice it. It has a full digital dash installed and apparently is turbocharged as well.

One for the classic Z-car fans, is this work-in-progress S30 240Z. The flat grey and black work very well on the lines of this car. The wheels are not for everyone, but I reckon they suit the car.

The every popular MX-5 had a good presence at the meet and this is one of the best examples. As I was taking the photo, a guy walked past and told his mate “that car is fat, it is just fat”. Thought it sounded perfect for the car.

One for the domestic crowd, running a set of Varsstoen wheels.

A classic combination that works so well with the MX-5 platform.

Ever popular BBS wheels. Set is all custom built with bigger lips and barrels.

More BBS love for you.

Sergio recently purchased this S15 after the previous owner decided to move on after completion. The car came with a the ever popular Vertex Ridge Widebody kit an a crazy Midnight Purple paintjob. Car is running a set of SSR Professors measuring 20×10.5+5 in a custom finish.

Below you can see just how complex the midnight purple paint job is.

Overall a very successful meet from the JDMST, Top Secret Imports and Driftmob crews. There was a huge turnout and good money raised for Variety Children’s Charity. The venue was just big enough to fit the estimated 1500+ cars in attendance. Here’s hoping with some more planning and volunteers the next end of month meets can be even bigger and better!

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