After weeks of preparation by Longinus, the next JDMST meet was booked in at Flagstaff carpark in Melbourne’s CBD. With the amount of preparation involved, this was going to be one of the biggest meets to have hit the Melbourne JDMST scene.

After arriving early to beat the traffic, you could already see the queue of cars flooding the streets to get in.

JDMST Traffic


Once inside, the quality of cars became apparent.

AC Cobra + NSX

Ferrari 458


This Type-X is by far one of the best I have seen, with perfect fitting TE37s.

180sx Type X


Making my way up the levels, I spotted this superb matching Accord Euro and Integra Type-R both decked with BBS RSs.

Accord Euro BBS RS

Intergra BBS RS

Always a crowd favourite, the R34 GTR.


Once on the rooftop, I was greeted by some very nice Hondas.



Slammed Accord Euro's

Honda Integra Type R


By the time I made my way up to the roof, hell broke out on the ground floor with police arriving, closing off the road and handing out defects. Once this started the crowed became rowdy with a bottle being thrown off the car park roof after this incident riot and incident response unit showed up and forced everyone to leave the carpark.



With over 400 cars trying to leave the traffic was horrendous. Most of the cars got out OK with only 1 being defected, but on exit all cars registrations were taken down. I hope no one gets a nasty surprise in the mail.


Exit Traffic

Despite the unfortunate events towards the end, there was a great selection of cars, and definitely worth attending. If you were there and saw what went down with the police, leave your comments below!

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