After last year’s record was already broken on the first day of racing, I think everyone was keen to see exactly what would unfold on the Saturday. With predicted showers for the afternoon, it was game on, straight off the bat. Nemo Racing were the current first place holders, and with the pace they opened with on Saturday, it certainly looked like it was going to stay that way. With the Cyber Evo still being a no-show and rumours circulating, it seemed as if no one could catch the insanity that was the Nemo Racing Evo. Nemo didn’t just settle for a win, they wanted utter domination, and they did just that. Every session, Chris Eaton and the team rounded off lap record after lap record until they finally settled on a 1:25.0. This is a figure that is truly mind-bending when you consider that last year’s winner and the reigning champ, the Cyber Evo, had a previous best lap time of 1:28.8. A full 3.8sec behind Nemo! To make it even more astounding, Nemo is a full 5 seconds faster than a V8 Supercar, which runs competition soft compound race slicks. In comparison, NEMO was on mere semi-slicks. Crazy!



The final standings were a real shock to everyone. On the lead up to the last session of the day, Nemo was sitting in first, with Tilton second and Scorch third. In the last possible session, and on his last flying lap, Earl Bamber, who was steering the crazy MCA Suspension S13 managed a 1:27.8 which slotted him above Scorch Racing’s 1:28.3, giving us an incredible Australian 1, 2, 3 finish! Suffice to say the crowd and punters were in shock and awe, Australia had just beaten the world’s best at their own game!!

So now the stage is set for 2013, with all of the Japanese drivers blown away by the results. Rest assured, they will come out swinging next year. But can anyone come close the the insanity that is the Nemo Racing Evo? This is a car that well and truly decimated its rivals.. I know we can’t wait for next year’s Superlap to roll around to watch events unfold!

The famous Cyber Evo, looking a lot different to last year, now sporting C-West aero instead of its long running previous aero setup by Voltex. Also a livery change, since Sun Racing are no longer on board. It is good to see the previous champ refreshed, even if it had engine woes all weekend. Our man on the cam all day managed to reel off a shot of Cyber actually out on track, which most people would have missed.




Tarzan didn’t look all too impressed with the state of his fabled steed, with it being MIA on Friday and showing up late in the morning on Saturday. This meant it only had managed a few laps before catching on fire. Obviously quite a mood-killer. The car so many people came to see was out of action – a sad sight, for sure.



It was a curtain call for Tarzan and the Cyber Evo before it even managed to lay down a time.



Heartbroken. But in true Tarzan fashion he didn’t let it show for the crowds and was still as cheerful as usual.


Easily one of the prettiest cars in the Pro class, the Top Fuel/Voltex S2000 looked the goods, especially in its new white hue. It was competitive, but not competitive enough to hang with the top runners. According to Nobuteru Taniguchi, the car just wasn’t set up properly for the track and the suspension was letting it down. With a best of 1:29.0 it is still nothing to scoff at. Looking forward to seeing its full potential soon.




PanSpeed brought along their new RX-8 rather than the famous RX-7, which is now retired after many years at the forefront of time attack racing. The famous PanSpeed yellow was back and good to see flying around the track. This RX-8 is actually a naturally aspirated 20B, which has been mounted quite low and far back in the engine bay to assist with weight balance. The noise this car produced was phenomenal and it was very easy to hear at any point on the track.


Queensland-based 101 Motorsport and its superstar driver Rob Nguyen brought down their CRX supporting new aero courtesy of Brad Crawthorne of Crawthorne Composites. Having a lot of issues throughout the weekend, the boys pulled together an amazing feat after blowing their initial engine. They managed to piece together another motor, throw it in and pump out a 1:35.1 which netted them 7th overall in Open class as well as fastest FWD and fastest NA. That was on the same tyres Rob ran last year as well as only doing a mere 2 flying laps. This car is DEFINITELY one to watch.


Mitsubishi Evos are definitely the time attack car of choice it seems.


Private entries are always a welcome sight. This Supra is known as 14WAR, and was easily one of the toughest looking competitors.


Redbrick Racing brought their whole team over from the UK, and it’s great to see more international competitors! With a best of 1:35.4, they were off the pace, but some mechanical woes were hindering them from hitting the mark.


While Evo Xs have not proven to be the most competitive of cars in Time Attack circles, it seems that V-Sport are onto something, netting a blistering 1:34.3 in a car that is certainly no lightweight.


More Evo love. This one is supported by Roll Control / Fulcrum Suspensions.


The Show and Shine was massive, if you managed to tear yourself away from the racing that was heating up. This Mk VI Golf GTD from the Built to Order crew looked amazing aired out on Rotiform BLQs.




Babalouie’s restored Hako. An incredible machine, and even more to see one on Australian shores.



An homage to the legend.





So many Evos! It seems that they aren’t just popular with the Time Attack teams. Everyone wants a piece of the cake and it is easy to see why.


Domo Love!


Introducing the runner-up! The Tilton Interiors Evo managed a frankly insane 1:27.1 with quite tame aero in comparison to its closest rivals. Garth Waldon actually steered the Evo to a 1:27 during its first session of the weekend, meaning that the 2011 record set by Cyber was blitzed on the first timed session of the weekend. Tilton set the bar high for the other teams straight off the bat, but only one team managed to best them. It is amazing what a year of prep can do.



Garth was steering the Tilton Interiors Evo within an inch of its life, and it paid off. Important to note that apparently due to driveline issues, Tilton’s fastest lap was actually done under front wheel drive power only, the rears weren’t working!


The Hypertune S15 was probably the crowd favorite of the weekend. This car looked absolutely amazing out on the track and was dropping jaws all day long. But it wasn’t only a pretty face, smashing out a ridiculous 1:34.2, it proved it had the brawn to match.


The Pulse Racing Evo managed a best of 1:30.8 in pro class. This netted them a respectable 8th out of a field of 16.


Benson and the team at BYP literally blew everyone’s mind with their little EG Civic. Not only were they the most reliable car of the weekend, running every possible session with the maximum amount of laps in each one, they also were absolutely flying with Benson behind the wheel. Putting down a 1:36.7 everyone was a little taken aback by how that is even possible, out of a car with a totally stock motor. With a fairly cheap build in comparison to its competitors, the team at BYP are definitely on everyone’s radar now, and are a team to keep a close eye on with big, BIG plans for next year.



The MCA S13 and its famous hammerhead aero took out 3rd place on the weekend with a 1:27.8.


JustJap’s R35 GT-R managed a best of 1:34.7 out of a relatively stock GTR, netting them 11th overall in Pro class. It was surprising how few R35s were out this year, with more being seen racing last year. It was also a bummer that the GReddy R35 powerhouse was unable to make the trip down for the event.




The wild RE Amemiya FD3S sporting an enormous widebody. One of the best sounding cars of the weekend, but unfortunately it was also not at its full potential, only managing a 1:29.8. Nob once again said he will definitely be back to steer again next year, and he will certainly be aiming for the crown, since he holds it all over Japan already.



The Advan R34 and R32 GT-Rs made an appearance again this year. The R34 was once again in Pro class and landed in 7th position with a 1:30.7. The car does not look easy to drive that is for sure.


Their R32 was in Open class and managed to nab 6th position with a 1:34.6. I would also like to mention that it was my pick for best sounding car of the weekend; hearing it scream down the main straight sent shivers up our spines.



A crowd favorite for sure was underdog Under Suzuki (see what I did there?) in his home garage, he built the Scorch Racing S15. With an insane carbon widebody and around 800rwhp, it is one of the most mental cars you will ever see and hear. It’s also incredibly competitive, only JUST missing out on 3rd place, and taking 4th overall with a 1:28.3.




It was good to see the Turbo Legends take to the track, this Group B Celica GT4 put on a show for the crowd.


Final placings.


Congrats to the Nemo Racing team on their win!


What’s to say that hasn’t been said already? World Time Attack is an amazing event. One where spectators have an unprecedented level of access: an intimate way of interacting with the cars and the teams and the drivers, many of which are on an international level. In my opinion, this is what makes the event so special. We’ll certainly be there next year.

And to Sydney: thanks for being such a generous host. Can’t wait to see you again!

Sydney panorama night

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