I arrived a tad late to the September meet to an already nicely filled paddock full of Brisbane’s finest. This was my first DSA meet since returning from the States a month ago and to be honest I wasn’t expecting the sheer number of cars that showed up!

I really can’t think of any other way to describe this Mercedes – Ball. Till. You. Fall. I’m sure there have been some sick nights had in this classy beast.

A few traders made an appearance again. The guys from Fat Fitment brought their ever-impressive white S15 as well as the drift trike with those massively cambered rear wheels! Fulcrum Suspensions brought Harding Performance’s APR Stage 4 Golf, as well as the turbo widebody Cayman. Slide Industries also had a stand on hand, with Ryan Cummings’ drifter.

Rory both admiring and seeking inspiration for his red rocket?

I just love this car. A beautiful and extremely tidy example of a 2002.

Back to something from the 21st century – a very clean 135i.

The (apparently) infamous Joshh wreaking havoc and hanging out with the always-lovely Downshift girls!

Ohhh this Camaro made me happy! ‘MURICA!


Function > form.

Joshh was nice enough to share with some of the other kids.

…and he rode off into the sunset on his lowly steed.

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