Bryce: There has always been something a bit off with car meets in my eyes. I would often walk around the car park, field, deserted road, backyard, moon, construction site (wherever a meet takes place) admiring these fine machines people have built/bought, which is great, but there’s an immature devil inside me (some people refer to the ‘little boy’ inside them.. kind of creepy though don’t you think?) that would love to see what some of the drift spec S13’s that attend these meets can do… Sunday’s meet gave those daring enough to risk their toys a chance, with a gymkhana track set up in the short track area at QR.


Who doesnt love a bit of American Muscle?







What’s that? They have arranged a gymkhana course for anybody with a spare $80 and a helmet? Where they can do such devious things with their cars? I like what this day has become! So for those of you who couldn’t make it and those of you who did make it and happen to be reading this very post right now, enjoy the photos from the day!


What I would like to know is how the bloke who owns  this S13 got all that tyre rubber stained on his rear guards in the first place?? Apparently it is dangerous to be doing such things on a public road (too many old people in the way, jeez), so where oh where can I see it do such things? Wait a second… I’m at the latest Downshift meet at Queensland Raceway – I like where this is going!













Matyi: RaySean Productions was also kind enough to supply a couple of images that I’m happy to show off!

VW Golf GT MKV - Downshift Feb 2012 Meet

Porsche Cayenne - Downshift Feb 2012 Meet

Mitch: A gymkhana and meet at Queensland Raceway is a recipe for a great Sunday afternoon. Blue sky, warm weather, plenty of nice cars and friendly people. What more could you ask for?

Driving into the car park, this was the first thing I noticed. An R35 GTR sitting by itself in the corner. This was a photo opportunity I had to take advantage of.

QR Meet 5/2/2012

QR Meet 5/2/2012

QR Meet 5/2/2012

RX7s were out in force

QR Meet 5/2/2012

As well as a nice line up of WRXs

QR Meet 5/2/2012

Brad’s new NSX rolling on some custom CCW’s imported from Canada is an adequate replacement for his AP1 S2000 (its for sale!). He says this one isn’t going to be as wild as his S2000, maybe he’s going soft in his old age.. Considering he’s only had this car for a couple of months and it already looks like this, I have a hard time believing given a little more time and encouragement, this car won’t be changing.

QR Meet 5/2/2012

Luke Fink out in his R33 4 Door

QR Meet 5/2/2012

This guy was really giving everyone a show. Hammering his WRX around the Gymkhana course, before unluckily hitting the wall.

QR Meet 5/2/2012

QR Meet 5/2/2012

The FORGE Wheels Audi A4 (feature coming soon), with Finn’s E90 M3 following behind.

QR Meet 5/2/2012

QR Meet 5/2/2012

Although the meet finished off earlier than most would have liked, I still managed to shoot a nice sunset of the remaining cars

QR Meet 5/2/2012

And last but not least, here are a few videos of the meet, the first kindly supplied by Lachlan Maslen.

If you haven’t had your fill, there’s about a thousand more pictures and videos on this JDMST thread.

Enjoy and we hope to see you at the next one! :)