The World Time Attack Championship was probably my highlight of 2011, and we got a great opportunity to make some nice images. I’d have to say my highlight was this shot by Foy, of Mad mike blowing up his diff. Great timing!

Mad Mike RX7 throwing flames!

I didn’t miss out on the action either…

Superlap 2011 Drifting

And captured some of the most amazing time attack cars from around the world, like these two FD3S RX-7s from PanSpeed and Revolution.

Superlap 2011

Superlap 2011

Local meets such as the Downshift Invitational brought some incredible cars out of the woodwork! Check out Tom’s EG and David’s AP1. Clearly, red cars go faster.

Downshift Inviational 2011


This one of Charlie’s MX-5 was shot at the first Streetkarnage street meet.

Streetkarnage X Freeworks Meet

Shooting for the Porsche Club of Queensland allowed me to get out to most of their events. PCQ is a very active club, hosting a series of motorsport events for their members, from drags to circuit, to time attack.

PCQ Round 2, Mt Cotton Hillclimb

PCQ Sprints, Round 1 of 2011

PCQ Round 6 & 7, Willowbank

Being one of my oldest car friends, Sam was kind enough to bring out his dad’s GT3 for me to shoot.

Goodson 996 GT3

After WTAC, Foy lined up a shoot of the world famous HKS CT230R.


And while he was doing that, I took out their wild R35 race car!

The Dark Knight

Winning the annual Corolla of the Year competition run by RollaClub, Foy and I collaborated on shooting OKE20.


Hanging out with mates has always been central to the Downshift agenda. Indirectly, this has also allowed us to spend a bit of time talking cars, spending time in garages. Well, maybe just those that we could fit into.


And in the countryside.


And at the drag strip.

CHR Drag Day

And at the track.


We’ve also been lucky enough to even be able to shoot on-track on occasion!

IMG_0332 copy 2

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