MotorEx 2012 was held at Sydney Olympic on the 21-22nd of July. With eleven never before seen cars and three bikes to be unveiled on the Saturday, MotorEx could be the show for everyone with any kind of modified car. Elite show cars, muscle cars, 40-60s cars, show cars, drag cars, JDM cars, the list goes on. MotorEx is all about creativity and showing what is possible in modifying cars. Some cars on the show had been built over an 8-10 year timeframe. Epic.

We start off with Paul Bennett’s 1958 Borgward Goliath that he picked up in a barn for $150. This car won Best of Breed Street Machine Champion.

As you can see from the photo the car was in very rough shape out of the barn. The sketch on the right shows his ideal finished product. The amount of effort, time and money that went into this project would have been extraordinary.

This was the first car on display as soon as you walked through the doors and you can see why. Almost laying frame, suicide doors, bright green paint and a awesome display.  Never heard of a Borgward Goliath until this show and most likely never see one like this again. Not sure how well the engine works but does look quite impressive. Could not see any wire anywhere, even after a good look.

Onto another very brightly coloured car, an FJ Holden, named 1BADFJ. Has had a roof chop, channeled body and a two door conversion. One of my favourite cars from the show.

This 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air by Paul Soumo appropriately named ATTACK, for good reason. Engine is a 603 cubic inch 10.4l twin turbo running anywhere from 2000-2500hp. Was built over eleven years at the one workshop and is meant to be a family car.

Another big unveil for 2012 was Karen Keeves’ Monaro, named Mission Impossible. Last year it was unveiled in a totally different state, but then underwent a rebuild after MotorEx 2011 to get to the current state. Engine, wheels, suspension and body work is still the same. Undercarriage, interior and paintwork has changed from the year before.

Winner of Best of Breed Hot Rod Champion Ewan McDonald and builder Steven Aldrick – 1934 Ford Coupe.

Interiors are a very big deal in MotorEx. Digital dashes are very popular as well as the autometer gauges. Creams, whites and tan colours are the most popular for people

Modern interior out of a Lancer GSR. Not sure how comfy this one would be but does look quite impressive.

People say, “it’s all in the details”. MotorEx entrants take that saying very seriously. Detailed brakes and suspension components are everywhere. Chrome polished and brushed calipers, anyone?

Chrome bonnet latches and hinges. The detail work in these cars is what I like the most. Shows planning, thought and craftsmanship all in one.

Corvette brakes on a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air.

Over $100,000 spent on this HQ Holden, named CHOPPT, a top entrant at this year’s Summernats and MotorEx. Seats are alligator skin, interior is still all metal and has an all-digital dash.

Probably my favourite car from the show this EH Holden named INFLUENCE. Has a great body shape and the paint works so well on this car. Would love to build a car like this one day.

Slamd 60 wagon painted by Gene Winfield.

This 1967 XR Falcon called ZEROD was built by Mick Fabar from Green Homes, and his team had a huge unveiling. He unveiled a 600 horsepower, turbo charged, biodiesel V8-powered sedan with a zero carbon footprint approach. There’s just so much to know about this car. If you want more, check out this article.

This 1967 Corvette called PRODIGY is a mix of old and new ideas. The base car is a 1967 Corvette Split Window, and is mixed with parts from a 2007 Z06 Corvette.

Had to see at least Someof the JDM cars while I was there. MotorEx now has an outside exhibit called Real Street Boulevard.

Fitment or stance is becoming quite popular now in Australia. Built To Order imports a lot of wheels over that are available from the USA

Wheels such as the 24k Dubai Gold Plated VIP Modular wheels on this Accord Euro below

Another successful MotorEx this year from a show that gets bigger and better each year. Mixture of high quality cars in each hall, huge unveils and a large number of spectators every year.



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