The annual event that is Queensland’s Powercruise has once again been and gone. Powercruise has become one of the staple events on the automotive calendar and one of the most looked forward to by all car enthusiasts. The 3 day pilgrimage to Queensland Raceway, year-in and year-out manages to bring together the state’s biggest and baddest, and this year was no different.

The main draw card for 2012’s Powercruise however, was the Burnout Competition that was held on the Saturday night. With a $50,000 cash bounty up for grabs, people came from all around the country with their pride and joys, willing to put it all on the line for a chance at $50,000 cold hard cash. I will let the pics do the rest of the talking, as Powercruise is all about insane cars, good mates and tyre smoke.

This is what Pitlane looks like throughout the event, a collaboration of Queenslands toughest cars. Say hello to Graham’s (from Turbowerx Automotive) 7.99sec VL Turbo and his jaw dropping twin turbo Lamborghini Gallardo. Being a massive, massive fan of the Underground Racing Lamborghinis from America that are now famous globally thanks to some quality youtube videos, seeing Graham build one definitely has me starry eyed. We hope to get a feature of it once its running to its fullest potential.



More insanity from the crew at Turbowerx Automotive. This VL is running a 4L Barra from an XR6 Turbo and is an absolute animal.


Some cars are really on the brink of sanity.


As you can no doubt tell, this event is primarily V8 dominated but there are more and more imports attending year after year. It is always good to see the big grudge matches over the course of the weekend. With egos high and preferences voiced, it is always left to the cars to do the talking.



One import that made the 10hr drive from Sydney to Brisbane for the event with the sole purpose of crushing egos, was none other than Anthony and his Powertune-built R34 GT-R. He’s running a Brian Crower RB28.5 stroker kit fed by a giant Precision 72/71 Turbo and has seen figures over 700awkw on E85. If that wasn’t enough it runs a full blown Quaife 6 Speed Sequential gearbox. He came, he saw and he certainly conquered, dominating all the cruise sessions that he entered and taking 1st place in the off street drags.


Small car + big engine = fast. It is an age old equation and Powercruise always manages to bring out the craziest forms of it.





Even during the lunch breaks the entertainment is wild.



One common theme at Powercruise, between all car makes, is that everyone goes big. Whether that be the domestics with their huge blown V8s and ridiculous displacement…




…or if it is the imports with their MASSIVE turbos. When you see it, you will shit bricks – NEXT UP Performance always do things big.


Even the few Euro cars in attendance bring big things to the table, in this case it is money. I have the biggest soft spot for C63 AMGs.


Low n Slow representing in the Show and Shine. The NEXT UP Performance bagged Odyssey is way too cool.


Big thanks to Mitch for taking some amazing shots and covering the event for us. Part 2 will be up soon, bringing more of the ridiculous that was Powercruise 2012.

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