This year was the start of another amazing, blah blah blah.. The short track series held at Queensland raceway has been f*cking awesome to date. A group of like-minded people, in a reasonably small area, standing back and taking in some quality cars and quality driving. If you haven’t been to a round of short track yet (I question your existence), it’s a reasonably small and short area of the car park at Queensland Raceway set up for a big first corner entry, then moving into tighter section of the track which then opens back up to the finish.

Kris Harrison riding close to the wall at turn 1, well presented car!


Mez MC’ing for the night! What would a drift event be without some laid back choones and two guys to talk the night away in sweet bliss…. Ben and Mez made sure the night never got boring with giveaways and laughs for days.


The beard with a name, Ben.


A short track event isn’t only about competition though, a group of local grassroots drivers lay it down pretty hard with four car trains keeping the crowd pleased in competition down time. Aaron Fairfull and his super cool S13 going loco at the front of the trains!


Anyway, enough words from me, a quick summary of the book that is short track competition; rad times, rad people, awesome driving and awesome cars. Do yourself a flavour and get yourself to the final round of the competition on Friday 7th December!

Zac Seaton’s S14, simple and effective.


Levi Clarke and his Soarer, a car I personally enjoy.


Kris Harrison again laying down in his S13


Jamie Finlay’s Onevia was looking 2nd hand by the end of the night, but trust me, it looks great when all body parts are still attatched!

jamie finlay2

This 180SX is driven by Glen Matthews, consistency was an understatement!



Dan Rasell in his tidy Onevia.

dan rasell1

Aaron Jones bringing the noise, HELL QIK R33.


I’ll leave you with another picture of Aaron’s S13.


See you there next round! \(^_^)/

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