Rain being predicted for the day, I was glad to see not a cloud in the sky when I headed down to Queensland Raceway for the VWWatercooled Breakfast happy laps.

Due to QR Moto-ride being held that day at QR, the boys got out early onto the 7C cold track.

Present on the day were Passats, Golf GTIs and Rs and Polos…

RPF01 are always a welcome sight, great balance between function and style.

Newer model Audis also being a part of the “People’s car” family;

The hot hatches also favourable with the ladies, we always like to see this!

People came to meet new car enthusiasts and spice things up on the track – this was an open event.

This Fiat 500 Abarth, while at first may not seem like anything out of the ordinary, was specially imported and a one off model with the metallic black paint. Speaking to the owner, he had a blast on the track, even pressuring the C63 AMG.

Finally were all used to the new V-Dub scene, whereby the car is dumped on bags…

However this one doesn’t follow the norm completely.

More Photos to be found HERE

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