The owner of this 8ALLIN Ferrari F430 contacted me to take some photos of it. I’d shot some supercars at various events, but had never done a full feature shoot on one, so I jumped at the chance. Assisting me on the day was Matyas. He was in his S2000, and me just the daily Magna. As we arrived at the location, the F430 pulled in behind us. We got out, exchanged hellos, and the owner says:

“Myself and my friend are just going to get some food whilst you shoot the car, here’s the keys, you can drive it, do you mind if I take the Magna?”

I think it took about 5 seconds to pick my jaw off the ground before I suggested it might be somewhat fitting if he takes the S2000 instead. Anyway, he was off, and we got stuck into the shoot.


The F430 brings with it some exterior styling cues from previous Ferrari models. The front air dams similar to that of the Ferrari 250 TR 61 Spyder Fantuzzi.


The tail lights are reminiscent of the Enzo lights. However with the rear diffuser, and shaping of the F430, the rear remains quite unique.



As I got into the car…


…and flicked the setting to ‘RACE’ for some photos…


…this little message pops up underneath the CD player.


As we drove off, the experience encapsulated everything Ferrari. Bringing it through the rev range, you KNEW the engine was only inches behind your head. As the exhaust opened up the sound engulfs you.


Both Ferrari and Maserati had a hand in the design of this all new engine. Pulling 360kw out of an N/A 4.3L V8 that revs to the moon is awesome.


Handling is not lost with all the bracing obvious just in the engine bay.



Back to the inital location for some final snaps.


The famous Ferrari Red stands out amazingly against the pale background of the grain silos.


Carbon ceramic brake rotors, surrounded by Scuderia wheels stripped, then powdercoated black.


The famous prancing horse.


I’ll leave you with this final image. Graceful in its styling and aggressive in its performance. It was truly a pleasure to shoot.


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