Through the opportunities that we receive here at Downshift, we get to cover a lot of really cool events. Whether it’s circuit, drifting, drags, show ‘n’ shine or anything else, there is one that comes up every now and then that when offered, I jump up and down like a small child with my hand in the air to cover.

May I Introduce to you: Brisbane’s écurie25 Supercar Club

Upon arriving at the écurie warehouse, I was greeted with immediate class.


The carpark and even the street was littered with supercars. Audi RS5, Lamborghini Gallardo, TWO Ferrari F430s, an R35 GTR, and an LFA sitting nicely outside. I hadn’t even entered the building and my chin was dragging along the ground.

Something (I’m not sure what) makes me think that these number plates are not reflective of the success of the owner of this Lamborghini Gallardo.



Pulling up in my 180SX I couldn’t help but think my car was sounding much cooler than normal. Upon looking in my side mirror as I slowed I came across the source of the growl weaving its way into my soul.


Sporting bigger brakes than most modern cars’ wheels, this F430 Spyder inspires the will to drive fast. The number plates inspiring confidence.


Keen to check out the cars inside the warehouse, I decided to hit the red carpet, only to be stopped in my tracks by an intimidating sight. Number 077 of 500 manufactured Lexus LFAs. Not a club car, but a regular attendee to the events. It was ready to have the front wrapped to protect it from damage for the drive down south over the weekend for the Bathurst 12 hour.


The side of the LFA sported this KM 4 KIDS sticker. KM 4 KIDS is a charity set up to allow people like us with a love of cars to assist needy children. We are working on an arrangement for our events to support this charity, so watch this space.


After sidestepping the LFA and walking the rest of the red carpet and through the LED lit archway, you are greeted with class and presence immediately. Aung Lynn of Mitchell Ogilvie had set up two of his beautiful suits. Talking to Aung, the General Manager of Mitchell Ogilvie – one of Australia’s top menswear retailers for over 30 years, I was taken aback by how pleasant and professional he was. Quite refreshing to have a chat to someone so high up in an organisation, willing to give you their time, and talk about not only their products but about the cars and life in general. At the écurie25 events though this attitude is very common, adding to the enjoyment immensely.


Aung on the right.


The energy in the room was amazing. Such positivity in the attitudes of the people. I had to make sure that I covered everything and as many people as possible on the night.

You may remember David from such features as the CARSRUS/Full Force Party from a while back, and his beautiful partner Shayla.


Brett is a regular attendee to these events…


… as are a lot of the other guests. Making my way around the room, it was great talking to a lot of people, hearing their stories, and discussing which supercar in the room was their favourite.





The favourite of many a punter on the night was the 458 Spyder. The benefit of these nights, is it gives potential club members a chance to have a feel of the cars. And many choose to.


JETTS Fitness were also at the event, promoting the opening of their new Fortitude Valley gym.


Good friend Nik (far right) and some of his long time friends enjoying the event, with a sneaky photobomb from the écurie Aventador.


Speaking of which, there were four écurie owned cars at this particular event. The $850,000 6.2L V12 Lamborghini Aventador.


The $600,000 5.2L V10 Lamborghini LP570-4 Superleggera…



The $300,000 3.6L flat 6 Porsche 997 GT3, and


The $690,000 4.5L V8 Ferrari 458 Spyder.




Covering the activities of the night was the very talented MC Kitch. Beatboxing, MC’ing, singing, entertaining. This man does it all. I’ve seen him a couple of times now around the place, but was awesome seeing him perform so up close.




The main reason behind the nights festivities was the celebration of écurie25’s first year in Brisbane. Supplied was an amazing cake, decorated in é25 fashion. It looked too nice to eat, but who am I kidding. It was delicious.



Nathan and Minette are the faces behind écurie25 in Australia. Extremely friendly and positive people, I must extend a sincere thank you for the invites to these events, which we hope to continue to cover in the future. Congratulations on the 1 year mark, and wishes for many more to come.


é25 are also about to expand into such areas as condos and apartments, allowing you to use your points to redeem not only a supercar, but a very nice place to stay as well. Keep your eyes open for that!

This brings us to the end of another amazing night. So until next time… the Aventador.



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