Everyday Hero, All Stars and Zen Garage ran a charity car show on the 28th of July, to raise money for the Leukemia Foundation. It was a perfect day at Silverwater Park, which is an awesome location for a car show. Right by the river, easy to get to and room for 200 cars. As of yesterday the event raised $9000.


What is a car show without awesome cars? Fuel for Charity definitely had them. This Datsun 1200/Kb110 was repaired and restored by the owner in his garage. It’s running a SR20 motor, ITBs, Work Equip wheels and a tonne of body work.


Keeping with the old school and DIY build theme. We have Babalouie’s Hakosuka, another meticulously maintained, repaired and looked after car. Imported in from Japan back in 2008 Babs has documented everything that has been changed or repaired. Such a classic car and Japanese icon it is good to see people in Australia taking care of them.


From old school to new school. The 86 has not been on the market long, and aftermarket parts are not super common yet. But people are modifying these cars already!



Another new car starting to been modified in Australia is the VW Scirocco. This one is the R version and has one of the meanest looking front ends around. Black and white was used throughout the whole car, riding on a set of HRE wheels.


Then we have the stance side of the VW scene, with this Golf from the House of Stance crew, running airbags and a set of rare Mercedes Alphard wheels.



Something we don’t see a lot of in Australia is a clean, modified Toyota Aristo.


Plent of JZXs at the show with this being one of the nicest. Simple lip kit all round, single turbo and Work VS-XX wheels.




Painting tyre lettering seems to be gaining in popularity in Australia now. There were at least half a dozen cars at the show that had their tyres painted.


A classic combination: BMW E30 riding on BBS RS.


A USDM-inspired two door Integra had a bit of trouble getting into the show, scraping at least half of his undercarriage just getting in.


More tyre lettering and a car you don’t see modified much anymore: a 1999 Rexy wagon.



One of the coolest cars at the show was this 1969 2 door Corolla KE18 wagon. As the owners says they are “rare as rocking horse shit, only about 4 or 5 in Australia that I know of”. Just bought off a guy in QLD two months ago and now resides in NSW. It has 13×7 +10 Dragway wheels, 4K Engine from a 1984 KE70, bullet style fender mirrors and a bunch of other little touches.





Overall a very relaxed and worthwhile show. Fuel for Charity spread the word that the car community is also helpful and not just a bunch of hoons. This week Everyday Hero and Zen Garage is still holding raffles and talking to corporate sponsors for more donations. If you would like to show your support for the Leukemia Foundation head here to make a donation.


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