The 2017 Nitto Performance Engineering GTR Festival was its second year on and was already bigger and better than the last. Held by Motive DVD there was plenty to keep all the Godzilla fanboys occupied.

There was a huge Show ‘n’ Shine with Skylines covering Sydney Dragway’s enourmous drift / carpark / pit area. We were also lucky enough to be in the presence of two GT3 R35s still carrying the battle scars from the 2017 Bathurst 12 Hour, not to mention Dale Malone’s GT300 S15 Silvia.

Sneaky imposters made their way in too!

So much old-school bliss!

Sydney’s biggest names in RB engine builders such as record holders Maatouks Racing, Croydon Racing Developlopments, Motor Sports Mechanical to name a few, were there to have a shot at running the quarter mile. There was even an imposter category which allowed the RWD GTS-T Skylines to battle it out against the almighty Godzillas.

While drag racing was a great display of straight line speed, the gymkhana course proved that GTR’s can also handle ridiculously well around corners allowing plenty of room for drivers to kick the tail out and have some fun. After some time other makes and models joined in to have a try or a smoking go at the course.

Once the temperatures dropped all eyes were on the record for the fastest street registered GTR which was taken by Robert Marjan and Croydon Racing Developments with their street registered R32 GTR, JUNII which ran a time of 7.66 seconds at 188.9mph.

Bonus Imagery

Thank you to Andrew Hawkins and the team at Motive DVD for having us along on the day.

Domenic Ciccio

Instagram: motorvated

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