Along with the release of Toyota’s newest TRD enhanced HiLux SR5 and Toyota’s 80th anniversary, they decided it was only fitting to combine forces with Tonka for their 70th anniversary also.

To bring nearly every car enthusiasts dream to reality; creating a life-size Tonka toy with the TRD HiLux!

Under the cover of one of the historic locomotive warehousings at Australian Technology Park, was a quite a few tonnes of rocks & dirt that had been laid out as an obstacle course, and the HiLux Tonka that awaited the unveiling.

The morning began with an official introduction by the Tonka & Toyota staff behind the build, including Chief Designer from Toyota, Nicolas Hogios.

Then it was revealed!

It was every bit a statement as I thought it would be!

Keeping with the theme of course they’ve used a custom yellow pearl, mixed with matte & gloss black.

Not only is it the paint makes it stand out, it also received a 150mm lift kit, 35 inch tyres, custom rear tray and tailgate,

Carbon-fibre bonnet, extra LED lighting,

Even the wheels have the Tonka logo crafted into the centers.

After a walk around, it was time to experience what this magnificent machine could do through the varying obstacle course.

To say it’s aggressive looking is an understatement. HiLux Tonka really lives up to the name, with a stance about it that just makes you want to get in it go play in the dirt.

It’s not often you get to witness a fully functional concept vehicle.

The fun didn’t stop there, afterwards we were given the keys to navigate the TRD enhanced HiLux around another obstacle course.

If you’re in the market for a capable 4×4 that looks the goods while having fun, the HiLux SR5 TRD sports ticks the necessary boxes.

Thanks again to Toyota Australia for having us

Words and photos by: Adam Vlahos – Instagram

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