If you’ve been to a Sydney car meet, in fact, if you’re remotely connected to the Australian car scene, then chances are you’d be familiar with one of DayDay Gobey‘s E30 builds.
He’s been attending our NSW meets for years, and never ceased to impress. The latest metamorphosis of KNG325 is no exception!

In a world full of extremes of form>function, DayDay seems to have married the two in exemplary fashion, while also keeping the timeless appearance that an E30 offers.

The initial standout feature you’ll notice being the mouth watering choice of paint colour; House of Kolor Chestnut Bronze, affectionately dubbed as “Cadbury” With the paint and bodywork having been carried out by himself and his father Malcolm. Which was no mean feat, on purchasing the car it was described as “ready for the wreckers” with mismatching panels and dings all over.

As if the MTech 2 bodykit wasn’t enough, it’s also accentuated with a DTM front splitter, E30 front 1/4 wind splitters, Hella headlight covers and a pair of always classy looking headlight wipers. Other little touches are the Cadbury sticker, Royal Euro and our brushed gold large DS sticker which he rocks proudly.

Keeping all of this to sit nicely is H&R Coilovers, Powerflex bushings, E36 front brakes, while sitting on a well fitted set of Autostrada Modena wheels, and Khumo Sport tyres.

Wheel specs:
Front: 17×9 +20 wrapped by a pair of 215/40’s
Rear: 17×11 +15 wrapped by a pair of 225/40’s

Although the body is a 325i, the motor has been swapped out for the slighter larger, more powerful variation of the M20B27, a factory fitting 2.7L coupled to the Getrag 260 5 speed.

Inside the car you sit snugly in a pair of MTech 2 Sport Recaros in black leather, while taking control with a Nardi wood grain steering wheel and shifter, among the rest of the classic, sophisticated interior that E30’s present.

It’s still not the end of the road for this build either. Dayday’s the kind of guy that had E30 posters on his wall as a teen, while others had Lamborghini’s and Ferrari’s hung up in their rooms.

Future plans for KNG325 include: AirLift Suspension, an even MORE powerful BMW M62B44 4.4L V8, a roll cage and more.

Special thanks for its current progression goes to: Of course Dayday’s father Malcolm and family, girlfriend Mimi, the cars previous owner Grant, Barrell Bro’s for the wheels and associated accessories, Rollenso for the tyres, ASV for their service & parts and House of Kolor for the paint.

Great work on the car to all involved, from us at Downshift.

Words: Adam Vlahos – Underground Industries Aus
Photos: Faraz Ahmed MughalPowderstudio.com.au

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