I started my quick weekend trip to Malaysia by getting picked up at the airport by someone I had never met in person, only online – NoEqual.co’s Zahid. After a quick conversation doing 140kph on the highway towards Kuala Lumpur, we stopped in Putrajaya at his mechanic friend’s place to meet an old friend of mine from the car scene, Kepet. These were sitting outside!

After catching up for a while and smashing an iced Nescafe in a bag (delicious & cheap), we jumped on the freeway with the 2 beauties!

When we arrived at the fancy Marina Putrajaya, there were already a bunch of modified cars there. As it turned out, Zahid had organised a very last-minute “small meet” for my visit to Kuala Lumpur. My mind was blown at the quality of the cars that had turned up with literally less than 24 hours notice!!

This was one of my favourite cars at the meet, despite it being “just” an MX-5. Super tidy and clean, yet aggressive!

Local delicacies.

Plenty of Euros around also!

This thing was SUPER aggressive, with it’s full rollcage, stripped interior, turboed motor, and massive bolt on flares!

This is NOT a photoshop. It’s a clear acrylic bonnet, hinting at the VTEC goodness inside.

One of 4 GT-Rs present!

One of the cleanest, most tastefully done Supras I have ever seen.


JDM legends!

Listening to an angry AF car wandering in towards the end, I looked up to see this MA70 Supra…

And then… holy shit.

Huge thanks to Zahid from NoEqual.co for organising!!

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