For my second instalment of Japan goodness, I wanted to share a bit of Sevens Day, as well as my second night at Daikoku. Click here for Part 1.

I was hanging out with Drift Hunter Albo, and was fortunate enough to convince an old friend from Australia, Blake Jones of Speedhunters fame, to come by. He turned up in his gorgeous green NSX to meet us in Odaiba, with a plan to head to Daikoku.

Unfortunately we heard word that the PA got shut down by Police, who have been stepping up their patrols and strictness on car guys, possibly due to the upcoming Olympics.

Instead we went for a drive on the expressway, and ended up in Tokyo Bay, on an artificial island turned into a giant multi-level carpark, only connected to land by a tunnel and giant bridge, named Umihotaru.

As you can see, some of the Sevens Day attendees also thought this would be the place to go. Check out this Veilside Fortune FD3S!

Unfortunately the turnout was quite small, given that the Police had also turned up here and set up a defect station to sting people driving modified cars. Seems it’s not just in Australia that we get shafted by the cops. Check out the black FD3S and R34 GTR getting inspected.

Nevertheless, a few cool cars remained, possibly waiting them out!

Absolutely loved this SA22C Savannah, these are rare as hell these days, especially in this condition!

The following night, we caught up for curry again, where I spotted this brand new Nismo R35 GTR, before hitting Daikoku PA.

No shortage of rad cars at Daikoku, on any given night!

But more than the numbers, it’s the sheer variety that impresses the most!

One of my favourites, this AP2 S2000 was rocking the Arvou widebody kit.

One of the nicest S15s I’ve seen anywhere.

WRX coupe!

Ridiculous Anija-modified Murcielago. That bling!!

Sitting next to a modified Diablo SV.

Next part coming soon!

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