Industrial area, Japanese imports, good food and the police? Sounds like the ingredients for a night meet up, but this isn’t your regular get-together. 

 Usually, you find yourself craving a night out with friends. Like-minded friends that drive the kind of cars others wished they had. So, you make some calls, organise to meet up at the regular spot for bite to eat and hangout in the carpark. You begin to talk about what the next modification you are going to make to your pride and joy when you see a familiar sight. Yes, it’s the boys in blue. But this is where the story differs from what you are used to. This story doesn’t end with a canary coloured sticker adhered to your window. No, not at all.

So back to the story, where were we? Yes, the boys in blue show up. And guess what they do next? They park their highway patrol Holden Commodore right next to your ride, get out and join in on that conversation you were having earlier.

Think I’m dreaming? Think again. I was at Frank’s Cheesesteak and Dogs in Wetherill Park for a night out to have fun and raise money for police legacy.

Steve Planinic is the owner of a Mitsubishi Evo, his day job is as a Highway Patrol Officer. Also racing his car on track has been a deep passion. Steve has tried to bring his love of the tuning scene and his day job together with great success. I wanted to know more about the event so I asked Steve some questions.

1. What was the idea behind the event? 

I’ve been really lucky in my racing to have had so much support from some well-established organisations. I felt like I have developed a good reputation within the car community through my involvement with WTAC and Garage 88, that I had a responsibility almost to use the unique position I was in to do a bit of good. I wanted to show all sides that there were good intentions. Car enthusiasts who attended, have had no issues and the Police could come and communicate their message in a neutral environment. People always have said that they wished the Police would do more than just give tickets out and I wanted to bridge that gap. There are so many misconceptions about Police motives, where I truly believe that their primary one is the safety of people on the road. A meet is a meet and the track is where you can have fun. All I really want is for young enthusiasts (like I was) to enjoy their cars in the right environment and I thought this was the best way to get that message across. If I could convince 1 person to attend a track day as opposed to ripping down a local road, I was already ahead.

2. How many times, have you put on the event and what success have you seen come from it? 

This has been our 4th event and they are getting bigger and bigger. I’m really pleased with how it is growing!

3. How much money have you raised for Police Legacy thus far? 

NSW Police Legacy is a charity close to my heart for obvious reasons. I’d been asked on numerous occasions before, to help with events and meets and it didn’t feel right to do it for the money. I decided to align the charity with the event as a way of giving back to a group that has been so good to me.

 My sponsors have been great in providing prizes for the raffles and we have managed to raise about $4,000. I don’t take a cent from the money collected and felt that helped in keeping the message about road safety pure rather than looking like a cash grab.

4. Why Frank’s? 

I chose Franks because it just ticked all the boxes. It was in an area that we wouldn’t get complaints from residents, we could control who came in and out of the event and most importantly, the food is amazing

5. What outcome would you like to see from future events? 

I’m really happy with how the event is going, but Time Attack has made me a person who can’t settle. I’d love the event to evolve to a point where it out grows the car park and transitions to a meet and motoring event like Motorkhana. Also, the more cash I can put into Legacy’s pocket, the better. They do a great job in taking care of Police Officer’s families who have passed away.


Steve goes on to say the following:

I would like to thank my friends who have supported me along the way and my sponsors as well as the other companies that have helped me the whole way through.

It is only fair to mention the people that have made this get together what it is. These are the people that have donated time, effort and prizes to help not just raise money, but to also foster better relations between the community and the men and women making our streets safe.

  • Antonio – Franks
  • Michael – Garage 88
  • Paul – Motul/Autoglym
  • Thuy – Bing Lee
  • Richard – Haltech
  • Ian – World Time Attack 
  • Gavin – RTDC
  • GCG Turbos
  • Brendan – Turbosmart

Go to to see what Steve has been up to and also what he has coming up.

And on behalf of myself, I’d like to thank Steve most of all, but also all that attended for behaving.

Photos and article by Daniel Ferraro