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  • A Family Reunion

    A Family Reunion

    Photos: Mitch Hemming | Words: Tessa Whyte Nissan’s famed GT-R needs no introduction. However, finding examples of each series that are both modified AND immaculate […]

  • JapNats 2012

    JapNats 2012

    JapNats is a two day event that gives a small glimpse into some of the biggest events that the pros of the industry look forward […]

  • Powerplay 2012

    Powerplay 2012

    It is once again that time of year, the coming of winter means that Powerplay is upon us and the biggest cars in Queensland will be rocking up to Queensland Raceway to prove their worth.

  • Japanese Steel

    Japanese Steel

    The BNR32 is legendary as the car that cemented Nissan’s place in the record books, dominating both Group A racing internationally and locally in Bathurst […]

  • The Dark Knight: GT Auto R35

    The Dark Knight: GT Auto R35

    It’s hard not to draw comparisons between GT Auto Garage’s R35 GT-R, and the Mercury Motorsport-built R35 GT-R…