JapNats is a two day event that gives a small glimpse into some of the biggest events that the pros of the industry look forward to each year. The first day is Time Attack, and feels like a one day WTAC event, but the average weekend racer also has a chance to get out and go for the fastest lap time. As we found out on the day, this is not just for the amateur racers. There actually were even a few World Time Attack cars and pros out setting times in the Group A class.

The Tilton Interiors Honda Civic was a day favourite, both for how fast it was, as well as those amazingly massive front arches and full aero kit!

Porsche brakes and Hankook Racing slicks = crazy stopping power!

There was even a cruise session while the drivers had their lunch break. Any car was allowed out, so I jumped in with a mate in his twin turbo V8 ute for a couple laps.

The morning was running as smoothly, right up until the wall just after turn 1 took a bite out of a extremely tidy Evo 9!

The results were not pretty. As far as anyone can gather he came out of turn 1 a bit hot and dropped a wheel or two on the dirt and spun. At this point, it was all over. He was in good health after luckily. This photo makes me feel a little sad inside.

The whole of the next day was dedicated to drifting. QR had the main course, short track and skid pan all set up for everyone to have a play on. Reverting back to these tracks gives a glimpse into some of the bigger events – the best way to describe this was a 1 day Matsuri with no lines. It was simply awesome! At one point me and a mate had the short track to ourselves to just pump out lap after lap. At half the price of Matsuri how could you go wrong?

Ryan Cummings came out for both days of JapNats with his big Slide Industries stand to do some promoting. He even got out for a couple of laps in his S13.5 Silvia. Bummer it was only for 3 laps before the engine decided to start running on only 5 cylinders.

This RB Powered Onevia was my favourite car on the day. I know I probably shouldn’t pick favourites but I was drooling over this beast all day long!

Some people brought out a small cheapo Repco jack, cross brace and a few spares for the day. Some others came a bit more prepared…this is one awesome set-up.

This little Alfa Romeo Alfetta was getting just as many, if not more looks than half the drift cars in the pits. The dirty Euro look mixed with the Jap SR20DET heart and pump up bags was pretty awesome to say the least. Very unexpected and made many people look twice as they walked past and saw the bonnet up. All the work was done by a workshop called O.M.G Custom Exhaust and Mechanical. After talking to the owner, there seems to be some pretty cool stuff coming out of that shop.

Joel from Gravy Garage putting his Ceffy through it’s paces all day long after not long getting it back in one piece. It did not disappoint either.

I had a blast over the two days and I can’t wait for the next one! It is an event that just seems to have everything. I would love to hear what you thought of the event and what days you made it out too. Drop us a comment below!

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