They say drifting is a drug that you cannot shake, and for years I have always thought that saying was stupid. Probably because I associated drifting with beater S13’s and cars that looked more at home in a junkyard. Suffice to say, I was so wrong it isn’t funny. In reality, the drift scene is killing it, and my second drift day truly hammered that shit home.

So my last coverage of the May morning session was the most viewed post on Downshift by a lot. I have to say, that doesn’t really surprise me in the slightest considering that it had some of the best cars the QLD scene has to offer. The June morning session was no different, with a myriad of cars rocking superb fitment, Jerome’s frankly ridiculous SR24 500+rwhp S15 and Josh Coote’s 180, which is all class. Both of these cars are world class drift demons, pumping more smoke then a shit house rock concert.

Apart from typical breakages, there was no real drama on the day. Oh, well, apart from some dude in a Jesus sponsored S13 who decided drifting was lame and that doing barrel rolls in the gravel trap was where it was at. He walked away without injury and the car wasn’t actually as beat up as I would have thought. Roll cages save lives, not speed cameras.

Anyway, I will quit my jibba jabbin and deliver what I bet you are all dying to see.


This 14 is super clean, and the owner seems to attend as many slide days as he can, which is awesome to see. The stretch he is running with those TE37s is insane, but looks oh so badass. Can definitely see why the 14 is my favorite shape of Silvia.


Gotta love Eurolines.


This Taxi you see before you is owned by a good mate of mine, Nigs. I have always had such a love for this car. My love affair started when I first saw it at a tear drop late one night (driving normally and slowly of course…), but it has so much character; how can you not dig it?. Not to mention Nigs knows how to steer a car damn well. Even though he will be the first to state he is a n00b, he definitely isn’t. Gotta give it to the man, he has taste. Chrome dipped 33 GTR wheels…HELL YEAH.


Shagged? As if…I can still see heaps of rubber.


My homie Ben had his 32 out and about in style as always. He took me for a few laps in his pimp machine, was a heap of fun. Ben, like most of the drift boys, is a really easy going guy which is good to see. Worst thing about the car scene is when you can’t approach people because they think their shit’s golden.


Was loving this FC. SSR Professors suit it so well.


Action shots yo!


Now this looks serious doesn’t it. Jun 2.4L crate motor, big ass turbo and a fully seam welded engine bay. Not to mention the wide body kit and the moon sized Project Mu rotors and calipers. You would expect this car is pretty nuts.


This is Jerome’s utterly insane, top level Hi Power Racing S15.


The owner of this 14 is known as ‘Buckna’ and my oh my can he get some insane angle when he is sliding. The car is supporting a full RB25 swap and apparently on this day was supporting a new turbo netting him an extra 80hp. Suffice to say, he was up there with Jerome and Josh Coote in terms of smoke, skill and out right insanity. Mad props to this man.


As you do.


This KE70 was producing some insane smoke and was wild as hell to watch. Surely it could not be a standard carby engine. Oh no this little ‘ketto’ had a full SR swap, with all the goodies just like the plates state. Word is that the power figure is around the 350rwhp mark. Just silly power in that chassis. I love it.


Cube’s are slowly catching on over here. Steph’s is by far one of the better looking ones. Shows how much wheels can transform a car.


Notice the front guards? Sacrifices have to be made for fitment and more lock.


This is Josh Coote’s 180. It is an A Grade drift car; something you would more likely see at a Formula D or D1Gp event. Everything about this car oozes top level shit, whether it is the engine setup (around 370rwkw), the body kit matched with the Meisters, or the air jacks for easy accessibility under carriage. Watching this car is truly phenomenal the way it closes in to other cars in the paddock and just looks so at home at full tilt and sideways.

All in all it was a fantastic day as usual. Cheers to all the homies who made the day as enjoyable as ever: Ben, Mez, Nigs, Nhan, Steph, Dave and anyone else I have forgotten.