The title of this post probably sounds fairly stupid, but just hear me out. You see, recently there was a special track day held that was called ‘Days of Thunder’. I had heard good things from my homie Sam, so I decided to trek out there and have a look at what was going down. According to Sam there was car porn all over the shop, and that is the shit I like to hear on my way to an event.

Finally got there around mid day and as soon as I entered the pits, it seems like the year went from 2010 to the 60’s or 70’s. That probably sounds like a pretty lame event I must admit, but considering that the line up of cars was basically a who’s who of legendary racers and hero cars, it was actually pretty awesome. Cars that I never got the chance to witness in action were in attendance. Cars that would be so obscenely rare I doubt they even have a price tag were actually started up and thrashed around good ol’ Queensland Raceway. It was definitely a sight to see and something that gave me the worlds largest cheesy grin.

Oh ma,n the noise these things made. I feel bad for all you suckers who, like me, never knew it was on but didn’t have a bro to call your ass up and demand you get the hell down to the track ASAP. The Trans-Am series racers (yeah, that’s right. I mean the late 60’s, early 70s Mustang and Camaro Trans-Am series) on wide open throttle down the back straight sent shivers down my spine. That V8 scream echoing off the barriers was godlike. The Porsche 935K and ISEKI Le Mans 956 were…shit I don’t even know how to explain what it was like seeing legends like those piloted around the track. The pics are going to have to speak for themselves here.

Also be wary: this is a very, very long post. But you probably ain’t seen shit like this before, so it’s worth it.


There was a fair few GT40 replicas getting around the track, and this has always been a favorite shape of mine. Whether its the original Mk1 or the 2004 GT, it’s just a super badass car all round. Obviously, these are replicas because last I checked genuine GT40’s go for upwards of 3mil, not $200k.


Still some tight racing between them and the AC Cobras (also replicas due to genuine Cobras being hell rare and also in the million dollar price range).


Gotta love the AC’s as well, but more importantly notice the wheels on two of the above (haha, I am such a wheel whore). The clean blue one is was rocking VS-XX’s which was oh so awesome to see. The white one however I only saw going around the track, but those wheels look a hell of a lot like CCW’s. If they are, that man needs a fucking medal for having such awesome taste.


This Cobra was also sitting in the pits looking pretty. Before you drop your jaw and start yelling “WTF is that a Cobra Concept?!”, it isn’t genuine; it’s only another replica. Obviously, since the Cobra Concept was never sold in anything but silver and there are only like three. I did have a good laugh at the BA/BF Falcon interior though.


These were two of the fastest cars all day (yes, I know the Torana looks like complete balls). This thing was a monster around the track…should have gone down to World Time Attack earlier this year, because it was seriously quick. The Atom replica (no, not everything on the day was a replica) was not running the standard K20 but instead a 4g63 from an early Evo (my guess would be Evo III to V). Had mad flutters bro.


This thing looked like it was straight out of the Craftsmen Truck Series in the states (NASCAR Trucks for those who don’t know). I loved it, was pretty fast as well considering Queensland Raceway consists of mainly right turns instead of the typical Left like Nascar…


Street legal track whore Porsches were everwhere on the day, as you can see by the shots. Both a 996 and 997 GT2, a 997 GT3RS in my favorite colour scheme: black with orange. But my favorite would have to be the one day old 997GT3 RS Facelift, in the grey with red. The car had only just been released and the owner bought it the day before and is running it in at the track. Stuff of legends.


Firstly, sorry about no on track shots. But still, behold the 935K: the legendary Silhouette racer. Seriously, I just stood in awe most of the time.


PinePac Fox Body Mustang. Another legend out on show…

A freaking Mosler MT900R was there on the day also. These things are spastic rare anywhere in the world. The last place I would expect to see one is Australia, let alone Queensland.


Shit just got real. No this is not a replica. This is a genuine 1998 996 911 GT1 Strassenversion, the ONLY ’98 model in existence. The ’96 and ’97 models ran 993 front ends instead of the ’98s 996 front end. Based off the all conquering LeMans and FIA GT1 cars, they made a street version, however due to legalities only one 98 was ever made. How the shit it managed to end up in Australia is beyond me; it should be in its home town of Stuttgart at the Porsche museum. Still was an honour to see it in the flesh, that is for sure.


These two raced…yep against each other. It was seriously the slowest racing I have ever seen. When the mini moto came past I could seriously make a sandwhich. I am talking full on sandwhich with the works, not just a spread. Eat it, clean up and then take a pic and it would have just passed me.


997 Carrera Cup Car.


Caterham, no idea what was under the hood though. Loved the pipes.


No idea what this was supposed to be. Wasn’t Carrera Cup built, but was too hectic to be just a time attack. Suffice to say, I was impressed, even though it was chugging around the track due to just getting a feel for it (must be new). Those big airducts are crazy…would love to see more of it.


Next up…


Watching the Trans-Ams head onto the track, Sam proceeded to point out the gravel trap and the tracks in it. I basically got the hint this was going to be epic win.


Epic win doesn’t even give this racing the credit it deserved. One warm up lap, rolling start and ten laps of full on balls to the wall Trans-Am racing. I was loving every second of it; the noise, the proximity, the cars, EVERYTHING. A ’72 Camaro took top honors, but the ’68 and ’69 Camaros took my heart.

Now for the finale. You know that part in Top Gun where Maverick gets on his Kawasaki GPZ900 and Charlie gets in her Porsche 356 then ‘Berlins – Take my Breathe Away’ song starts playing? That song was playing in my head when the Porsche 956 was hauling ass around the track. This is car porn in its truest essence.


For those who want to know, I timed it and it had a best lap of around 1:10 seconds on the National circuit. It wasn’t really trying either, as I can imagine the driver was a nervous wreck. In comparison, John Bowe did a 1:09 during qualifying in 2005 for the V8 Supercar Race. More than enough proof that the 956 is spastic quick.
All in all, it was an awesome day. Its always good to change things up. Shout out to the homies who made the day all the better: Sam, Anouk and Ben. Also props to Ben for taking up camera duties and letting me act like a 12 year old watching the cars go round. Hope ya’ll enjoyed the write up.