It is a well known fact that I dig all makes of cars, be that Imports, Euros or Muscle. I think it is very narrow minded to not enjoy all types of cars, I mean as long as the cars look good, I love them. Quite a few of my mates drive Fords and Holdens and they are actually really good cars. You only notice this after you get past all the bullshit that is aired in the scene, about why this is shit and why that is crap. It is so easy to get roped into dissing a car make without even knowing what they are truly like. I mean fair enough if we are talking about Hyundai and Daihatsu and the likes, but I see import kids hating on boosted Falcons which are running Garrett turbos from factory and would no doubt walk all over their GTS-t with basic performance upgrades. That just boggles my mind, because both cars are so similar to each other. So why the fuck do they have to throw hate?

This all came about after attending the absolutely massive Hi Torque Performance Dyno Day that was held last weekend. Hi Torque are primarily known for their work on Holdens and Fords, and by work I mean “1000hp? No worries mate”. The line up for the event had at least 8 cars all apparently making over 1000hp at the rear wheels. That is frankly ridiculous. No car under 500rwhp was to be run on the day, and they stayed relatively true to this with the lowest reading being 485rwhp. Which is definitely nothing to ignore.

I didn’t get many shots at all really, maybe 25 or so good ones. I wanted to get a lot more but the dyno runs started at 3pm, my mate Al and I didn’t get down there till at least 4:30. So before I knew it, the sun had gone down and it was way too dark. That and the fact there were way too many people crowded around to get any decent shots. I probably took 40-50 shots all up, but couldn’t use over half due to being photobombed or the shots being so blurry I would need the CSI team to “enhance” the images. Lame.

There were a few imports getting about as well as Gup’s (organiser and creator of Powercruise Events) Lamborghini Gallardo. Otherwise it was an all-Australian affiar really. But I had no issues, because I was there to see some intense dyno pulls, skids to leave and hang with mates.





My mate Al who rolled down with me, introduced me to his mate Chris. Chris drives what I deem as the best looking ute I have seen to date. The orange is so vibrant and there were many small touches that stood out so well. Smoked tail lights, smoked side indicators, black fog light surrounds, orange pin stripe on wheels, the list goes on. Not to mention Chris is looking into running a similiar setup to Al’s boosted ute, both will be expecting around the 600rwhp mark. Makes me want to buy one.

We spotted this on our way in to the venue. What looks to be a VE that is just heavily tubbed is actually a lot more drastic. The VE Commodore body is merely just a shell with everything else having been stripped out, and I mean STRIPPED. Looking underneath the car you can see the roof. Everyone’s jaws were on the floor walking past.

Spotted this S15 parked on the street, insane stretch being run on the Work Emotion CR Kais. So much love for this car.

Not sure if want?

The owner of this definitely needs to re-evaluate his taste in wheels.

Ya…Ya Grilles. Ya Ya Ya Grilles. That bonnet is also totally hideous, no idea what was meant to be going on here.


I actually kind of liked the pin striping that this F6 was running. I have never liked white walls (or red walls) on cars but with the stripe around this car, it kind of blends well.


Always been a big fan of GTi-Rs, insane little pocket rockets. This was a really nice example of one.

Sneaky intercooler, hides the fact this R8 actually makes 620 at the rear wheels.

Tess & Trent for Mercury came for a looksie in their little cube, now supporting awesome Mercury Motorsport vinyl down the side.



Some of the cars lined up waiting to go for a dyno run. People were standing everwhere around this section, so not many shots to show. NORTHY is definitely one of my favorites. I think it made around 650rwhp as well.

My favorite boosted falcon of all is in fact this one. WANAGO is just such a perfect example of subtle outside styling, slammed stance matched with 490rwkw. What a fucking gangster family car that would be. The Ford boys have definitely taken a leaf out of the import crew’s books with styling choices. Slammed with wheels is all you need these days.


Now I have saved the best for last here. By best I mean, this car stole my heart many, many years ago when I first saw it. Everything about this car is perfection incarnate. Apparently it is now running a new and improved setup, having scratched the old twin T66, 900hp setup… yes, 900hp twin turbo setup. Not sure on figures or even what is under the bonnet but all I know is, I am in love.

Introducing the OG GTR formerly known as ON BAIL now known as GODZLA.




Everything about this R32 GTR is perfect. It is the best colour you can get for R32s, wine red; it is also 1 of 100 Australian delivered R32 GTRs, those BBS LMs wrapped in semi slicks, the full and intricate roll cage, the fuel system giving homage to the Group A racers. Everything… is… perfect. I would not change a thing. The GTR has been off the Radar for easily over a year now, so it is damn good to see it back out.
To the owner, you sir have ridiculously good taste.

Thanks to Al for keeping me company on the hour drive down and back. Also to Chris and all the other boys for making the night a lot funner. Props to Hi Torque for putting on what is probably the best dyno event I have been to. That is saying a lot because I go to pretty much every one of them. Also thanks to Micko for coming down… oh wait sorry he pussied out and went to work. Sucker.
Hope you enjoyed the read.