…a saying usually said by those who don’t believe in dyno comps. They say drag and circuit are like a drug; once you start you can’t stop. I get the feeling building a dominant dyno car gives the same feeling to those who do it. Sinking crazy dollars into engine builds and cars just so they can run on what is a replication of a road going situation seems kinda dumb. I personally think it is stupid, but hey, there seems to be a competition for it so why not? Safer, for sure, but also somewhat less skillful. In the end though, it will still yield the same bragging rights as any other form of car use. So it seems simple enough, yeah?


Well, it isn’t. Fact of the matter is, to win one these days your ass needs to be pushing way past 1000hp and into the 1200+ range. You are never gonna get that shit to hookup let alone have the balls to run it on full tap, but you will win comps. I don’t really attend dyno days to see lame cars which make spastic power and trailer home. I go to see cars that are street driven/tracked lay down a figure, chat with homies and have a good day. Mercury Motorsport provide what is possibly the best dyno days in Brissi, so when Tessa from Mercury told me they were having another one there, I was hell down for that shit.


Unfortunately, it clashed with the Honda Cruise. Fortunately, we bailed from the Honda cruise quickly after we realised that shit was crazy lame. Got to the dyno day at 11ish and it started at 9am. Big turnout as always, and badass cars were everywhere. The good thing about the Mercury days is that so many of my homies front up for them. Man, that shit felt like some kind of reunion with the amount of peeps that I knew there. As for the cars…well there will always be lame cars at events, and I don’t cover that shit (unless it is so SUPER lame, in which case I will post a photo so you know what the fuck NOT to do to your car). I didn’t get shots of every badass car though, but oh well. Here is what myself and a few other bros got, so enjoy.



HRE Wheels…$3k a pop. “Wanna be a baller, shot caller…”.


1J powered Torana. My god, the engine bay was insanely immaculate.


Perfect example of how GTS-Ts should be done. Took some shots of it at a track day a while back. Love the XD9s on it.




This 32 four door not only had awesome plates, but was rocking GTC’s in A+ fitment. Everyone was checking it out and it was easily best of show in my opinion. Also helps it made something like 490rwhp on the dyno. Definitely want to see more of this beast.


I wish we got more dubscene cars like this Beetle over here.


Holden drivers take note: Aaron’s SS is how they should be done, Check that fitment out…scrubbing hardout. He also skids on this fitment regularly. MASSIVE props to this man.


Always been a fan of this 626. It is rocking a 13BT pushing out 360rwhp.


Richo was being soft on the day and didn’t throw the civic on the dyno. Would have been awesome to see him throw it on and shut the haters up. Specially some bald headed fag that was there, paying out all the cars rolling on. I know he was standing with some bros Bee and Mitch, and if you know this guy please tell him to shut the fuck up next time. Pretty sure Brad’s 400rwhp S2000 does not need rubber bands to tie it down, and isn’t a car for faggots.


Crazy clean 32 GTR, Meisters and massive AP Racing front brakes.



Shout out to my homies Micko and Al.




Bee’s 35, sittin nice and flush now that it is rocking coils. Present day, the car has no shoes due to be selling his current wheels in order for some TE37s. Booooyah. Mad love for this bro.


Finally, a shout out to a Downshift regular: Gus’s 32 GTR. You can’t not love this thing.

Was and awesome day, made better by awesome cars and mad chats with bros. Thanks to Tessa and Trent for throwing it together…love your work guys. Also mad props to Alex for running my ass around so I could cover the events.