Well, it is basically official that the monthly JDM meets that we hold are no longer simple ‘meets’, but more so ‘shows’. After the previous months meet coinciding with all forms of other meets usually held on a Thursday night (Thursday nights are basically cruise/meets/chill nights with cars in Queensland), we thought that the 120 strong turnout was merely because people just popped in to check out our meet on the night. Well, the recent July meet was held on a Monday night, yet for some reason, easily 120+ cars fronted for what was an insane night. So many cars, so many people, so many photographers. It seriously felt like a car show.

No shit, I feel like I speak about growth of the scene every time I post up the meet coverage, but seriously, it is warranted. I mean, we now know that we have a regular crew of (minimum) 60 cars attending the meets month in, month out. Thinking back two years to when filling the Aldi car park (which has around 50 spots) was an intense turnout, we now smash that figure in the face…hard. It is so awesome to see so many people coming out and hanging, not dicking around, or acting a fool. Just enjoying what was an awesome meet.

I must admit however, I spent the whole night chatting to everyone I could, resulting in taking all of 15 pictures on the night and ending up with 14 edited shots (epic ratio right there). I know I am a major slacker, but my boy Matyi got around 10 or 15 shots as well which will bump us up to at least 25. So don’t start whinging that I let you all down haha. Started raining towards the end, which sucked as it cut short my chat with Ash, Emilio and the rest of their Honda Brigade (I would mention you all, but it’s late, and my bed is looking crazy comfy). Unfortunately, no shots of Emilio’s EG rocking his new shoes, partly because it wasn’t there. But I did manage to grab some shots of Ash’s EG rocking his new shoes, and boy oh boy did I wet my fucking pants when I saw them.

Oh and don’t worry, Ash is a good mate of mine so there will be a lot more of his car in the coming months…i.e feature ;)




Charlie and I threw on some 15mm spacers before the meet (well tried to anyway). We got the rears on but the fronts were needing some He-Man strength of undo, so he ducked down to Rhys at MX5Plus and got them on. Car was looking badass as always.


This was a clean VR6, which had some tasty looking Axis meshies under it. However, my shot was all arty and I got none of it in haha.


Nathan’s Autech 15 actually recently featured on Spedhunters. Definitely deserves the props.


I chat to Stephen quite a bit on the net, but had not met him in person till the night of the meet. I adore his WRX. He is following the footsteps of the badass yankee Subarus with flush fitment and killer stance. I wish more people would see the light and do what Stephen is doing. Also he runs a PPG dogbox, which sounds sooo good when it rolled in. From memory those Rota Grids are 9.5’s all round. Man has balls to run that sort of width.


An awesome shot Matyi got of Shane’s new 06 WRX.


Nasser’s 33 GTR. Not only looks the business, but goes like it as well. 750awhp getting put to the ground from a 3rd gear pull as he left the meet = everyone going weak at the knees. Another of the crowd favorites of the night.


Chase’s Sti was easily a crowd favorite, partly because it is one of the very few tastefully done 08 Sti’s in the country. Enkei NT-03’s are legendary wheels.



My boy Gus and his fiance Sarah popped in for a chat. Everyone loves his 32, even though it was sans 3rd gear thanks to some hang time (or catching air is another way you could word it haha). He parked next to this super clean 32 GTR rocking BBS LM’s all round. Nothing beats two super badass GTRs together.


Hao’s C32 Laurel was out. I am in love with Equip 03’s.


SR20DETT…wow, just wow. What a fucking epic win engine, the first TT SR20 I have ever seen in person. Apparently he is looking for over 400hp at the wheels on his next tune.


Nigs Cefiro is a car I hold close to my heart. It is just soooooo gangster, how can you not love it?



Duane’s E28 (or E21) bimmer is such an awesome car; looks good and has such a crazy engine swap. A 3.8lt Buick engine is under the hood, which is also boosted. Car squats harder than a hobo at a decommissioned housing estate.


Chris’s FD is, well, I think the pictures do all the talking. Flawless.




The only thing I can say about this car is that I should have got more fucking pics. Stupid rain. But I will let you all sit there and ponder Ash’s EG for a while, and I won’t post specs as I will save them for the feature. The wheel specs do my head in, because I cannot understand how it works. I have nothing but good things to say about Ash and his little eggbox, but the one thing I can say is that Ash is leading the charge for fitment here in Queensland. Insanely massive props.

Loved hanging out and chatting with everyone. Way too many people to mention on here, but you all know who you are. Big thanks to the Project4000 boys for heading out and checking out our scene. Glad to have you guys there, and we hope you enjoyed it. Cheers to Matyi for helping me out with the shots. You can tell which are his by his little watermark in the bottom right, and also just because our styles are different haha. Hope everyone reading dug the post and I am SO amped for the next months meet.