Some of you may or may not know of a bro named Sam Meredith aka Mez, but for those who do you will no doubt know where I am going with this article. Mez has always been at the forefront of proper film coverage of events and cars in general. I have posted many of his vids on here but lately he has not been producing any footage or vids and I was unsure as to why. Earlier this year he spoke to me about a DVD he was making called Wreck ‘Em, I knew he had done a few properly badass shoots (including an epic shoot of Todds frankly off tap black wide body S13) but I was definitely not ready for what he had planned, this trailer and this DVD to come are going to be nothing short of amazing.


I try to support my homies as much as I can with Downshift, and I love what Mez is doing with his filming and coverage. Having studied film I know the herculean efforts it takes to even make 30sec video let alone a 3min trailer. I have always been a huge fan of the video coverage of events and cars, that comes out of the states so it is awesome to see our own home grown talent stepping shit up. So definitely get behind him, because this is badass.

So without further ado here is the trailer:
PS: Make sure you watch it full screen.

Wreck 'Em - Oh One Oh Trailer from Mez Productions on Vimeo.

Wreck Em
Mez’s Productions Vimeo