Quality over Quantity has often been referred to for many things, and one of those is definitely cruises. A very well known car site here in Aus always has people organizing cruises, and yesterday we decided to attend one that had an “apparent” magazine coverage behind it. Firstly before we start this isn’t a diss, nor do I promote dissing on this site. But promoting that your cruise will have magazine coverage, yet failing to get top dog cars to attend doesn’t make all to much sense to me.

The meet as a whole wasn’t actually that bad, and most people seemed well behaved, well for the few nano seconds we were stopped for at the meeting points, one thing people like to do on cruises is chat and look at cars, having one stopping point made it a little hard for photo coverage and to mingle with others. I decided not to drive and rolled with Logan in his 33 GTR and Gus’s 32 GTR mainly to get shots of what i thought would be a lot of A grade cars. I think with a little more thought next time the organizers could really put something special together, promotion is the key to an awesome cruise.

However the day was not lost, what started out as a Nissan Cruise with around 80 cars, turned into a 3 car cruise with the GTR’s. That may seem not as good, but when the 3 GTRs were the best cars at the cruise to begin with, it surely was something to behold overtaking trucks on full tilt. Was a great time to hang with good mates as well, many laughs to be had and also all of us frothing over Trent & Tess from Mercury Motorsports absolutely monster R34 GTR pushing a measly 850rwhp on the day. So at the end of the day, just because there are a lot of cars at your meet and cruise, doesn’t mean it will be awesome, put in the effort of promoting your meet/cruise to the shithouse and make it something people will talk about for months to come. 

No hate towards the organizers or other attendee’s all seemed like a good bunch, no idiocy from what i could see, which is a rare trait. Also I heard it was the organizers virgin cruise meet so for a first time organizing a meet, 80 cars is a hell of a turn out, look forward to seeing if they expand on it for the next one. 

Also sorry for the lack of ‘variety’ was stuff all opportunity to take pics throughout the cruise due to 1 lane and traffic.




Sitting on the side of the highway in the middle of no where deciding what to do haha



Only shots I got at the 1st meeting point, due to everyone bailing within 10 – 15min of arriving.



The intense Mercury Motorsport 34 GTR, capable of 930rwhp, but trent was running a measly 850rwhp on the day…bricks were shat.



Gus’s 32 never ceases to turn heads, the colour is amazing in person, around 550rwhp and damn awesome fitment for a GTR.


Matyi’s S15 gets driven how all Silvia’s should….sideways




Logans 33, a million months in the making due to all kinds of issues and what not, but finally up and running. The noise on idle is disturbing, such a tough sound. Even after all the trouble he has had with getting it going, definitely worth the wait.

Cheers to Matyi, Logan, Gus, Trent & Tess for an awesome cruise day. Also props to the organizers for getting big numbers to their first meet, look forward to the next one, hopefully it will be a bit better.