The lack of posts throughout April was due to a fair few different things. Obviously some of those things are boring and gay, like work and birthdays, I am sure you don’t want to hear about my pops 86th birthday bash. Although 86 years old, and going strong, that shit is insane. But the other reasons have a more appealing interest to you the readers/viewers/people who randomly found the site and are digging it.

Almost out of nowhere the site has actually been taking off, I do not promote the site anywhere really. Nor does any of the homies, apart from in signatures on forums. Yet the viewer base has grown substantially and has given me the proper excuse to move Downshift to a domain of its own. So you can actually remember the URL instead of having to google for half and hour to find it. This however posed an issue as some dill thinks that he will be able to sell for a minimum of $2500, tell that kid he is dreaming. So I almost went about a full name change of the site, ended up scrapping it and am now hunting for a good domain name, any ideas?

Also I have been crazy busy trying to put together photoshoots for some of my buddies cars, as unexpectedly I scored a gig writing for the boys at Hellaflush. I don’t even have a killer word for how stoked I was to land it. So as any Aussies reading would no doubt know, tracking down ‘Hellaflush’ cars in Aus isn’t as easy as eeni meeni miny mo. So tracking them down has taken a massive chunk of time out of my posting schedule, please forgive me, I am sure it is a worthy excuse.

Last of all, CS5 (Photoshop 5 for those not in the photography game) has just been released so I am anxiously waiting on getting my grubby mits on that before editing any recent shots. Including a shoot of a Ribena coloured Porsche 964 GT2.


Random shot of a badass 34 NUR that you call all drool over. It was actually the only shot I got from a recent car event at Harry’s Diner.

What a shit event that was, I found out it was on, like the morning of the day the event was being held, please promote your shit people. Also it was supposed to be a Garage Vendor event, where local shops showed off their wares. But turned into a massive car meet with workshop cars scattered everywhere and no banners to see who was who. Also the main show area wasn’t blocked off so joe bloe and his pos lancer gli could park up next to a 800rwhp F6 Typhoon.
Put the effort into making your event dope and you will get praise, it is not like you are building a fucking space shuttle (I thought rocket science was to cliche).

Hope that covers my slightly lazy ass for not posting as often last month. Hopefully by next week you will be reading this off a proper domain. Woo.