As Matyi has shown, Australia played host to the World Time Attack last month. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend due to clashing events. I bit the bullet and bailed on trekking down to Sydney for the WTAC and instead stayed in Brisbane for the annual Powerplay event. Everyone called me stupid for doing it, but I ended up taking the risk…and oh my, did it pay off.


Powerplay is based on the annual Powercruise events held in Queensland and throughout all of Aus every year. Powercruise has been running for over 10 years and is a predominantly domestic oriented event. V8’s and mullets heavily outweigh imports and fancy hair cuts, whilst tire smoke seemingly never leaves the air. However, Powerplay represents something a little different. It is a well known fact that Powerplay brings out the biggest, the baddest and the most outright ridiculous imports, and this time was no different. There is a reason I was awake at 4am and on the road on this day.


Arriving at the track in the midst of probably 5 degree weather and fog everywhere, the cars slowly rolled in from scrutineering. 9sec street WRX’s, more 500+hp Skylines than I could count, some very loud and very violent rotors and just generally all out warfare in car terms. Today was going to be one fucking good day.


Before I start unloading copious amounts of car porn onto here, a bit of explaining is in order. Powerplay is run a little differently to most events you have been to, which I think is the main cause of its huge success. The event is run kind of like a replication of a typical street crusing/racing event. The main focus of Powerplay is the cruise sessions, which allows around 50 cars onto the track at once with as many passengers as possible and no need for proper safety equipment (i.e no helmets or long sleeve t-shirts). To try and remove the possibility of accidents, corners are policed by marshals so you can only speed on the straights, exactly like a street race of sorts. I cannot really begin to explain how insanely dope this event is, so on with the pics. I will try and get some videos up of how it works so you can all see what you missed.


Nasser’s 33 GTR is so many kinds of badass. Built how a GTR should be built and making crazy power figures, this shit is off tap. The red matched with those hell sexy TE37s is just a perfect look. 750awhp also has to be fun, and he was definitely tearing up all day.



Spotted this clean as hell 34 GTR chilling in the pits. The owner of this has awesome taste; LM-GT4’s, Project Mu brakes all round, carbon accessories all over the place. It looked amazing.


This 14 had my undivided attention when it fronted very early in the morning. Those Meisters are sitting super nice under the guards and the whole car had such a nice stance to it. Also in typical Powerplay fashion, an SR just won’t do. This beast was packing a Rb25 under the hood.


Foy’s brother Dan was out in his 180, making over 400rwhp on the day and running big ass semi’s on the rear. He was certainly taking it to the V8s all day.


Introducing one of the most insane cars I have ever witnessed: the 790awhp ALLLAG 34 GTR. Running no exhaust and a full screamer dump it was so insanely loud and fast it was blowing peoples minds all day, as well as every other car on the track. Running a big, bad HKS T62R it also has that synonymous whistle when it spools. This shit is just brutal.


Mercury Motosport were out there with their stand promoting JBT brakes as well as showing off their wares and what they can do. Definitely one of the bigger and better shops in Queensland, they had a tonne of tough as nails and fast cars out on the day. Including Jay’s newly built 26/30 33 GTS-T, a 10sec white 32, a 650hp VK Commodore and Tuan’s ridiculous 350awkw Evo (unfortunately I got no good shots of it, which sucks because I love that car). I always enjoy having a chat to Tess and Trent from Mercury…it’s awesome to see some shops enjoy chatting to people rather than trying to seal deals. I am not getting a car built there (yet) but they treat me like I am part of the family. Only good things to say about those guys.


Obviously expecting this to make insane power?


…well you would be right.


Was fortunate enough to have a quick chat with Chris, the owner of this M3. The car looks absolutely amazing, probably one of my favorite cars on the day from a looks point of view. Also found out he is the owner of the 650+hp IWIN R33 GTR. Really hope to put something together and shoot his cars.

This 33 was once known as HITMUP from its old number plates, so I am going to still refer to it as that. Don’t really know much about it unfortunately, however it was sporting some seriously wide rear rubber in the form of semi slicks. I could also hear the familiar gear changing that comes from a pro drag box, so obviously it has some serious shit under that hood.

This little Mazda R1000 ute going by the name of FN SYCO was probably one of my favorite cars of the day. The owner has some serious balls to drive this little thing.



All imports are represented at Powerplay. That seemingly harmless green Rex actually has run a PB of 9.7 down the quarter and is still street registered. Droppin’ jaws all day.


I used to think this boosted commodore was hardparked…suffice to say I was severely wrong.

Another thing the Powerplay events are known for is…

…skiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiids. A favourite past time for most of the attendees of Powerplay.


Adam’s 32 GTR ‘FATGTR’ is pretty famous in the QLD car scene. He was proving why all day long, even with his weaker engine.


Evo 7’s plates are fucking gold. I laughed so hard when I saw them.


This black 32 GTR was by far my favorite car of the day. Built and tuned by HKS themselves in Japan, it ran a previous best of 9.1 over in Japan and is a mentalist to watch on the track. Rolling next to it on the track is one of the most eye opening experiences. I vow to get a closer look at this car, as it blew my mind every single time it went past.

So that’s the last of it. Such an insane day…so much power for one to comprehend. Met some new homies and made a lot of connections. All in all, I have to say that it was worth missing WTAC in my honest opinion, but hey, I am a sucker for power.