As opposed to America, the car crew/club culture is quite small here in Australia. All of the best builds in the states are part of a club or a crew; its awesome, it means you roll to shows and meets together, as well as having your own get togethers. It is also an easy way to get yourself recognised – if you are affiliated with the well-known car crews, everyone is going to want to smell your shit. In Australia there are still a few clubs, and the same thing applies to them. One club in particular is Club High Rollers, who recently participated in a Dyno Day.



CHR (Club High Rollers) has been around for as long as I can remember; the members have been big time players in the car scene since before I started attending meets. Speaking of which, the competitive rivalry between CHR and Most Wanted Crew has provoked some of the best years Queensland’s car scene. However, ever since Most Wanted basically dropped off the face of the planet, CHR has been in and out of the limelight for some good and some bad reasons. Honestly, I am stoked to see them back on the rise, particularly because they are home to some of QLD’s toughest cars. Speaking of tough, the new owner Nick actually owns two R32 GTR’s, one which is chasing 600hp. It seems that CHR is back.IMG_4759

CHR has always been known for its big powered cars – especially GTRs – as this myriad of 500hp+ cars exhibits.

This is the owner of CHR’s completely unmolested R32 GTR. Nick’s car is 1 of only 100 Australian delivered 32 GTRs, which means it would fetch quite a pretty penny if he could ever bring himself to sell it. Nick’s other 32 GTR is the real show stopper, though; it iscurrently getting a new engine built, and it will hopefully be getting debuted very soon.

I am such a sucker for stance. Spotted this E30 rocking Sportmaxes and couldn’t help but take a photo.IMG_4788


Trent from Mercury Motorsport brought out the infamous NITTO R34 GTR. Although it pushed 1071awhp at Autosalon last year, the big bad 2.7ltr engine was pulled out for another project. This one is now a daily driven with a laughable 600rwhp thanks to a t04z on a standard 2.6ltr. It is actually incredibly rare to see a Mercury built car running less than 400whp these days; goes to show the level or work they are pushing out over there.IMG_4774
I am not really a fan of bodykits on Supra’s after seeing what the Americans manage to do with wheels and slammed ride height alone. This white one (with plates that I honestly comprehend) is about as eccentric as you want your bodykit to be; all it needs is some bullshit spec wheels sitting under the guards and it’ll be perfect. Evidently, it has also had a fair amount of work done to it; the Toyota managed to push out 442rwhp, even with a few boost woes.

As always, someone decides to get up to some mischief – this time it was the president Nick. He spotted one of the other members, Nathan, sleeping in the van, so he decided to make good use of a nearby hose…

The results was a lot of laughs from everyone but Nathan, who now has an amphibious Iphone4.


Sam rocked up in his mums 964 GT2, just because he was curious – how much power could the 20 year old car make? It managed to push out 274rwhpm; of course it doesn’t match the stock 320hp, but it’s still going strong.


Adam, who is famous for owning the mental FATGTR R32, decided to bring out his latest toy. The fresh as hell R34 GTR rolling on 19″ LMGT4s proves tha Adam has got some serious taste when it comes to GTR styling. I was a big fan of the carbon surround for Intercooler opening in the front bar. This not merely a stock 34 lowered on some wheels with a few carbon accents; it is actually making 423rwhp and is being used for daily duties by Adam.


This big bad VE GTS known as ‘HARROP’ comes from the mental crew at Mercury Motorsport. As you no doubt have already guessed, it is running a Harrop Supercharger which puts out a ridiculous 633rwhp. The radical colour alone draws attention to the car – if only it was on some better looking wheel.IMG_4807
32 4 doors were once thought of as the ugly bastard child of the skyline family, but not anymore. Nowerdays it seems to be the done thing to build a big powered and good looking example. This white one has been around for a while now, and not only does it have the worlds luckiest QLD Government plates – 116HKS – but it is also pushing out a massive 425rwhp.

My good mate Sharpy was the MC of the day, which was a MASSIVE mistake… I kid, did an awesome job along with managing 312rwhp in the 180.

I have a bit of a soft spot for VL’s, I am unsure why exactly, but it was totally justified when this one pulled out 400rwhp.





Pretty ridiculous, hey? Had a really good chat to the owner of this 32 4 door, Will, and I’m still amazed by the incredible worksmanship and intensity of this car. The guard work is nothing short of insane; 19″ front and 20″ rear SSR Sp1’s, a 529rwhp Brian Crower RB29 sitting under the hood (RB28.5 for those who are picky) with a t04z as the punchline, full sound system install, complete interior re-trim. But what steals the show for me is the Auto Select Strut Bar; it is just so massive and in your face. Will has a few more tricks up his sleeve, and keep an eye out because we will be doing a feature of this in the coming months.

Winners from Left to Right:
Trent (NITTO R34): 1st with 601rwhp
Will (5KYLRK R32): 2nd with 529rwhp
Jared (OHD171 Supra): 3rd with 442rwhp
Mark (VL): Guessed closest to his power figure.
Sharpy (180): Most attended, basically being a nice guy haha.

At the end of the day I spotted a certain big black R34 GTR sitting in pieces, in a dinky little shop, in the middle of nowhere. I felt like I had just stumbled upon Area 51. World Time Attack is going to be ridiculous this year, seems their prep work is pretty in depth as well.
Spot the monster…

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