There were a tonne of cars that I ummed and arred about for the Top 10. But I had to really be picky with the list. Some of you may not agree with my choices and that is fair enough I do not expect you too. But the Top 10 is chosen so here are those who came oh so close to making the cut. I will provide details as to why they are in the Honour Roll as well as why I didn’t put them in the Top 10. I know I missed some cars, but with the amount the scene over here is growing it is way to hard to keep track of all the prime builds that went on throughout the year. Throw a comment up mentioning some cars you feel I should have in the list, be good to see some opinions.

2011 is going to be a massive year with the amount of builds already being undertaken this early, I cannot wait to see what unfolds. Roll on the Honours:

Emilio’s EG Civic


Unfortunately for Emilio all his new parts arrived too late to make the list. As soon as those MS1’s were laced up with some rubber and thrown on for the EG’s shoes it started snapping heads real hard. The car officially kills it now, when you are rolling behind it at night with your lights shining on it with all the rear sussy gear being polished it looks amazing. Once Emilio is done this year it will be killing it even harder. A little colour matching and cleaning up goes a long way in my books.

Chris’s S15


For those who frequent all the big car blogs you will no doubt have seen a feature on Speedhunters for ‘S Chassis’ Month. Pang’s car deserves to be on there that is for sure. Previously rolling low on some Rota Grids, he stepped it up hard with a staggered set of TE37s. White on white can sometimes be a bit too much, but it is fairly obvious this is not the case with Pang’s 15. Pang got the TE37s and manual conversion on just a bit to late to land in the Top 10, things might be different this year though.

Tom’s EG Civic


If “Hardslam” was in the dictionary it’s description would be Tom’s EG. This thing is literally laying rail on a daily basis, and he currently dailies this car, fucks me how but he does. Running a frankly ridiculous set of Work Equip 01’s it is certainly a two finger salute to those who whinge about low cars never being driven. However Tom missed out on a Top 10 finish, due to well, not having the car finished. It is in dire need of a respray and he also needs to polish up his newly acquired cage (yeah Tom polish it, matches the wheels you nub). Will be interesting to see where it goes, hopefully he has it painted for the Top 10 of 2020.

Nghia’s JZX100


A lot of the cases with cars not making Top 10 was because they just appeared to late in the game. Nghia purchased his JZ in Oct/Nov which was way to late to land him in the Top 10. If it had of been bought earlier in the year, it would definitely have made the cut. Just look at it, no explanation needed.

Bee’s V35


Magnesium Blue Varrstoen’s on a white V35, colour killing it if you ask me. Bee’s 35 is one of the very few luxury slammed cars getting around. His 35 has always been a favorite of mine, and as soon as he got the Varrstoen’s on it gained a massive fan base. However it is still practically stock, and the wheels did not make it on till Nov/Dec a little to late. Be good to see where he takes this thing in 2011.

Ray’s S15


Ray’s SXT01 S15 will not be an unknown for most QLD scenesters, however for those not in the know it will come as a surprise how this car has got around for so long without you knowing. Ray doesn’t really take it out all too often, which is understandable with the cop increase these days. But still black on black XD9’s is properly gangster. If Ray brought the car out to most events and meets if would have happily put it in the list. Came oh so close.

Nhan & Steph’s JZX100


Nhan believe it or not is actually Nghia’s brother. Formally known as the SRPIG boys thanks to them both rocking SRP16 and SRP19 plates on an S13 and S14. However after the both parted ways with their Silvia’s it seems they both ended up with JZX100’s. It is like a drifter trying to buy a family car but not being able to resist the urge to still slide it, gotta love that outlook on car purchasing. Once again the car was purchased a little to late in the year to make the cut, but fuck me it is wide. Rolling on some uber rare Veilside wheels to top it off.

Gus’s 32 GTR


Such a clean example of a GTR, Gus has been showing everyone how it is done for a fair while now, which unforunately is the only reason why he didn’t make the Top 10. The car has been around for some time, and I had to look at 2010 builds and how much was done in 2010 alone. If I had of done a 2009 Top 10, Gus would have been Top 3 for sure.

Levi’s E30


Levi is one of the first people to properly stance a BMW in QLD, not worrying about the whole ‘keeping in the spirit of what BMW wanted’ that every old school owner harks on about. Levi went out got himself some super rare Volk Meshies with a polished lip and throw them on. When the car is slammed it is really a site to behold. Nothing looks better than a Euro laying rail with baller fitment. I hope to god I see ‘Panda’ as the E30 is dubbed out more often in 2011 as well as maybe some more work going into it.

Kyrin’s JZX100


Too much Manji + Wall = Bang. That is a perfect description as to why Kyrin missed out on the Top 10 haha. But seriously I adore this J, Kyrin is an awesome bro and the fact he hit the wall should have actually made me put him on the list in hindsight. It proves he slides a car that is so clean it isn’t funny. But 2011 will be a big year for Kyrin, more power and hopefully more clean lines on the car. 2011 Top 10 runner right here.

Nasser’s 33 GTR


750awhp, TE37s and Red. You never see Red 33 GTRs, so it is refreshing to see one, especially one as mind blowingly badass as Nas’s. The best thing about Nas is he never pussies this car, limiter dumps and AWD skids are a regular occurence and while some frown upon it, how can you possibly frown at 750awhp on gate. Much love for this car. Just like Gus’s car though, it has been around for too long, and the Top 10 was about Top 2010 builds, not overall.

Super Secret Ek Civc


Classified Info.

Charles’s JZX100


Yes, another J on the list. Charles’s is one of the few cars which I was torn over, he was so close to making the list. Literally 3 days from posting he was in fact in the Top 10. However I came to a few decisions and decided that I would watch Charles’s build in 2011, as he will no doubt step it up even more. 420rwhp, fully stripped running Brides and a mega clean engine bay it is definitely an all rounder. Helped of course by the massive 19″ Varrstoens under the guards.

Dan’s S15


Probably QLD’s best all round S15, yet unknown by practically the WHOLE community is Dan’s S15. It did the rounds of meets some time ago, but after copping the worse end of a police raping Dan and the 15 droppped off for a while. I am sure I will see the 15 out more in 2011, as the sole reason it wasn’t in the Top 10 was because it along with Dan disappeared for a while. Both Dan’s 15 and Charles’s JZX were in the Top 10 literally a week out from me posting it.

Alex’s EG


Introducing the cleanest EG Civic I have ever seen. Immaculate does not even do it justice, the colour is by far the one of the nicest I have ever seen. Alex is a good bro of mine, like many of the list and he knows the only reason he didn’t land in the Top 10 is because he is yet to really get down and dirty with the EG. No doubt with the influence he gets from the rest of the Honda Crew (majority of the Honda’s in Top 10 and Honour List) he will cave and really start going to town on the little hatch. 2011 will no doubt be a good year for Alex, track day never hurts either…hint hint bro.

Trix’s S15

Trix’s 15 has possibly the most intricate body kit I have ever seen, completely custom and one off. Trix is currently getting the engine prepped and built so as with like every other car in the Honour list, 2011 is going to be a solid year for him as well. Also I might add that those Gram Lights are so fucking badass, my god.

Dean’s S14


RB25 powered S14 is all the really needs to be said. Dean’s car is also mega clean, when I first saw it at Powerplay earlier in 2010 I had my jaw on the floor at how the meisters were sitting under the guards. Not sure on Dean’s plans yet, but it is a pretty guaranteed fact that he will be repping with us on the Downshift stands at events.

The King R32 GTR


Ugh, wish I knew the owner. But it only appeared at one event is the reason it was not on the Top 10. Ty would have had some very serious competition if this infamous 32 GTR had of frequented more events. Also might help if I knew who owned it haha.

Chris’s M3


My god I love this car. Only appeared in the 2010 Powerplay so unfortunately it didn’t land in the Top 10. However Chris will no doubt be back in 2011, in his other car however. Chris is the owner of one of the most badass R33 GTR’s in QLD, known as ‘IWIN’ thanks to it’s plates. Definitely hoping I see his GTR back out in form this year.

Nick’s 34 GTR


Bayside blue on 19″ TE37s and an apparent 700kw at the rears. Matched with one bullshit angry exhaust note it is by far one of the top dogs in QLD. A monster in every way possible, I certainly hope I see it out a lot more this year.

Braydon’s EK Civic


Another civic and another car which has had most of its work pass into the new year, unfortunately making it miss out on a Top 10 spot. Braydon has taken the “who gives a fuck what you think” approach and for that I give him insane props. He builds what he wants to and how he wants to, opting for a very ‘Cali Style’ look, with the roof racks carrying a BMX and the stickered front lip. He has big things in the works and I am certainly looking forward to seeing them.

WANAGO F6 Typhoon


Another car I do not know the owner of, but one I am a very big fan of. I love this car so much, it just looks so fucking good for a Falcon. 490rwkw also helps with the liking factor. Hopefully get a chance to meet the owner some time, having always been a Ford fan throughout my life I always have a soft spot for the badass ones. Didn’t make the list thanks to me not knowing too much about it or the owner.

Mercury Motorsport R34 GTR


I have personally watched this thing evolve over the past year and a half, and my has it evolved fast. Starting out as a RB28 with a t04Z things quickly got out of hand. Now running a Nitto RB27 and…I am not even sure what Turbo it is running at moment it has gone through so many. I think it is a GT47R, whatever it is, at Autosalon this year it managed a truly astonishing 1071awhp without nitrous. That is some fairly ridiculous power right there. Mercury definitely proving their work is A Grade on Nissan’s finest, landing a Top 10 spot and a Honourable Mention. I imagine there is way more to come from this GTR.

Alex’s Subaru RS


Alex is basically out to prove he has balls. He may not admit it, but he rolls around on possibly the most ridiculous ride height, without a care in the world. This is what makes his car awesome, he realises that doing engine work is silly so he stuck with stance. Perfecting it on a Subaru is no easy task, Alex’s now old Rota G-Force setup was one of the best stabs at Subaru stance. However his latest setup blows this out of the water, don’t worry you will no doubt see pics soon of where he has taken things. Keep an eye out on any of Downshifts stands in 2011 for QLD’s hardslammed RS. As much as I would have loved to give Alex a Top 10, an RS really doesn’t fit in there haha.

Tayno’s S14


Probably should have chosen a better pic considering I was going to start this off with, “Tayno’s 14 is the cleanest slide car I know”….scratch that. But still it is immaculate for a drift car, almost like it came from factory. Dumped on a set of wheels with a front lip and exhaust is all she wrote for the exterior, and all she needed to write. Tayno is also running basically a stock engine yet slides it better than almost anyone else. The man has serious wheel talent and knows how to flick damn well, always look forward to seeing this out. Couldn’t give it a Top 10 spot since it has no real engine work.

5KYLRK R32 4 Door


This 4 door 32 popped up out of no where, in the same year when Liam’s 32 4 Door appeared. This one unforunately showed up to the party a little bit late, but not without it’s party tricks. Them being a quite ridiculous wheel setup up, with 19″ front and 20″ rear SSR Professors, complete wide body rear guards and what I have been told is an RB29. I have never even heard of an RB29 existing, but apparently this runs one, which means it has some serious figures under that hood. Not to mention the ever present, mega dollar Auto Select Strut Brace and a powdercoated hammertone gold rocker cover. This build is all class, and it only missed out due to landing in the scene a little too late, and not being quite as ‘subtle’ as Liams 32.

Finn’s Evo IX


Super track prepped is the best way to sum up Finns Evo. All quality parts, driven, also street registered, as well as a proven quick track car. Finn has not scamped on proper parts for his Evo either, which is good to see. Running all the best bits from the ridiculously expensive Abbey Road Company (aka ARC, spot the Titanium Heat finish). Definitely one of Finn’s many play things, and also what was to be the start of his Work Emotion 11R addiction (his green 180SX also has a set). A massive love for this car, being all track and nothing else. No Top 10 however, due to Finn preferring to play with the 180 this year and just not using the Evo as much so we didn’t get to see it as often. Hopefully he decides to pick it back up and bring on an awesome 2011.

Zac’s S15


Tough stance, clean lines, subtle touches and skill behind the wheel makes Zacs old S15 one of my favorites. I say old because he unfortunately sold the car due to unforeseen circumstances. But he will be back in the future no doubt, I am looking forward to seeing him out in whatever he is running. Zac has serious taste, those XD9s go to prove it, specially sliding on that sort of fitment and driving his 15 to work every night. Zac didn’t find he needed 500rwhp to slide the 15, meaning it is running the usual BPU upgrades, which is why it didn’t land in the Top 10.

Nig’s Cefiro


Nig’s Cefiro makes it on the list because it is so pig it’s awesome. However he missed out on a Top 10 because it is so pig it’s bad. Gotta love the Free Candy sticker and street driven no holds barred pig look.

That is the Honour List from what I could remember, there were other cars but my brain is haggered already so if I missed any I am sorry. Heck I might even add some more later. Fact is 2011 is going to be a massive year with the number of ‘in progress’ builds that featured on the Honour List.
Hope you all enjoyed it, stay posted for the first events of 2011 to start appearing.