Most of you already know who got Top Honours for 2010. As soon as everyone noticed his car not on the list, they put two and two together and realised he had in fact topped the charts. It is not really news to anyone that this particular car has been so meticulously modified it shames almost everything in comparison. The car would fit in at the Pebble Beach Concourse De Elegance in terms of overall build quality and cleanliness of the build. So I guess without further ado let us roll on the King of 2010.


I think I might start this with a little story. When Ty sold his frankly amazing Work Meister setup on the FD, no more than a month out from Top 10 of 2010 I was worried. On the Meisters he was essentially guaranteed the Top spot, after he had sold them I told him that the Top spot was riding in his choice of wheels. He kept saying he was nervous, and then taking the piss by saying he bought 22″s and shit. Eventually when he said he had finally got them on, he rolled it out for the first time at the final Drift Day of the year and boom, people were literally fainting at the site of the Blood Orange CE28s. Rolling on the highway behind the car all you can see is rim sitting by itself and then tyre, it is running possibly the most insane amount of stretch and my god does it look fantastic. I have always loved staggered wheel sizes when it is very subtle. So the 18″ and 19″ choice that Ty made was down right perfection.



We snapped off this set of pics in probably 15 minutes or there abouts, we were in a hurry to get back to Brisbane from Queensland Raceway. So I snapped off some shots as no one else had taken pics of the CE28s yet, the backdrop was definitely in the wrong time of day, with sun spots everywhere. But it was good enough, and as soon as Ty parked the FD (well his brother Jay did because Ty is sans a license, due to being a badass and stuff haha) the backdrop didn’t matter because the car just instantly made the shoot fucking gangster. The Meisters looked good, fantastic even. But they do not pop anywhere near as much as the CE28s, this is why Ty is such an innovator, he was running stance on the Meisters long before it was the cool thing and now he is running a very wild coloured set of track oriented wheels. Changing the game for the better.


Every single part in this car is 100% genuine and A Grade quality. You have already seen and heard about his wheel sets, but what you didn’t know is that this particular FD actually lives up to it’s plates (which if you haven’t worked out just yet, mean FD JET). With a 375kw (500hp for the old folk) 13B-REW which is essentially bridgeported, however some black magic was weaved by the guys at Rotary Motorsports here in Brisbane and the car runs what is nicknamed a ‘Ty Port’ as it is that good it brings customers to Rotary Motorsports. The car is given its go-nads by what is basically the best suited turbo for a 13B, a t04z and also has all the fruit attached to help it light the shit out of even 12″ wide rear wheels in 3rd gear. When you take a better look on the exterior there isn’t really much in terms of mods, there is a super subtle FEED bonnet, stock standard split front lip, FEED sideskirts and Ganador mirrors. The rear houses a RE Amemiya diffuser and a loud as hell FEED exhaust system, by loud I mean possibly the loudest car I have ever heard. The Honda boys are going to be up in arms about that one. Moving on inside, it is definitely a nice place to be, Carbon kevlar backed, big dollar Bride Low max’s. Once again for the third time on this list you will find a Cusco cage however this time it is a Cusco Chromolly Rollcage as well as a Tri brace that Ty fabricated himself so he could have a harness bar for his Sabelt Harnesses. There is also a custom fire extinguisher holder which is a necessity for any Rotary and all the bolts have been given red anodized bolts just give the interior such a flawless look.


Ty earnt number 1 because the car has everything, and Ty is not afraid to drive the legs off of it. I have many a video on my phone of this car doing what it should be. The engine makes bullshit power, but isn’t overly laggy. The interior is spotless and has the finer touches to make it ridiculously presentable, it has all of the best parts that can be had as well as being one of the best sounding cars I have ever been in. A Ty Ported 13B-REW on gate with that FEED exhaust is absolute fucking bliss, even if his neighbours don’t think so. Ty places first for basically covering everything in the book that I deem to be a perfect car.

Honourable mentions are still to come, so don’t stay away for too long.