#1 Ash’s K20 Eg Civic

Getting straight to the point, the reason Ash’s car landed on the top of the podium is because he met every single criteria that I use as a rough grading tool. Ash’s white Eg is one of the most recognised and well known Honda’s in Queensland and even Australia. To the extent where Ash gets people adding him on Xbox Live and Facebook asking “hey do you own that white K20 civic on blue BBS?” It takes a phenomenally special car to unite peoples opinions and tastes, Ash’s car does that. In all the events, track days and meets I have been to with Ash, not once have I ever heard a bad word spoken or a dislike voiced (apart from the fact that it is a Honda and people are naive) ever. The way the car snaps necks when it drives past is ridiculous, it literally looks and sounds like it just left a race track, but is clean enough and good enough looking to win trophies and draw at least a 5 person deep crowd wherever it goes. Just to show you, how easily Ash’s car ticked the boxes here is a list:

  • Depth – No stone left unturned, plus the completely tucked K20 swap. Even the smallest things were done so this car could sit low but still corner hard.
  • Quality – Whether it is something as big as the engine or wheels, something overlooked like the roll cage and spoiler or something small like the steering wheel. Ash has chosen the best brands and the best quality parts. No corners being cut with this build
  • Reception – Everyone, Honda enthusiast to Honda hater loves this car. It just looks so purposeful so ‘tough’. Rolling on the street rocking semi slicks, an obnoxious as fuck Gt Wing, straight pipe and super aggressive wheel fitment. It is loved internationally as well, even people from the UK can’t get enough of it.
  • Notoriety – If you’re talking about Honda’s in Queensland, Ash’s car, 9 times out of 10 will be brought up.
  • Frequency – Trackdays, car shows, car meets, even weekend spirited drives in the mountains. Ash is not afraid to risk metal using the car for what he built it for.
  • Cut Above – Fully tucked Kswapped Eg with ITBs rocking polished 15×7 & 15×7.5 TE37s…not your run of the mill civic with a motor swap.
  • Proven – 60 flat around QR oh and it also won the DS Top 10 haha.
  • Originality – While Kswapped Civics are no new thing, there are certainly not many around and specially ones that are tracked and regularly driven. Definitely none as clean cut as Ash’s either.

If there was a more deserving car for #1 this year, I haven’t seen it. It may not have over $100,000 spent on the chassis alone, nor does it make upwards of 600rwhp but it is one of Queenslands freshest and most all round builds. Go figure, a young 20 year old upstart who built a Civic in his shed with some mates, has created something that everyone in the car scene loves.

Ash is finally happy with how the car is, and it just going to drive it and enjoy it. So while the car is not changing we are tee’ing up a shoot so you can get a more in depth look at this phenomenal car. So I will save the nitty gritty details for the shoot. Though just like his best mate Emilio, don’t count on it staying like this for long, with the way Ash changes tastes he very well may end up in the Top 10 for 2012. He has owned the TE37s for around 4 months and is already thinking of moving on to something else. Not to mention his next big step for the motor. You heard it here first.


The Top 10 posts are not quite finished yet. I will be compiling two more posts one being the ‘Honourable Mentions List’ giving shouts to those who only just missed out on making the 2011 Top 10. As well as a ‘Where Are They Now? List” which I will talk about the cars from the 2010 Top 10, where they ended up and how come only two cars made a reappearance in the list.

I hope you enjoyed the Top 10 and whether you agree or not it is awesome to see cars of this calibre coming out of Australia. Bigger and better for 2012, too be honest, I can’t wait to see what turns up.