That time of the month rolled around again 7 July 2012, the monthly Downshift meet and one of our biggest yet with almost 750 cars attending. Greeted by a sunny day, minus a little bit of a scare from Mother Nature around lunch time, we had our biggest downshift meet to date. With the support of Fat Fitment, Fulcrum, Option 1 Garage. Cartel-Online, CRD Paint and Panel, Just Car Insurance, Audio Express, Brizride and Trublutint the events have continued to grow.

Downshift has always been about providing an opportunity for enthusiasts to come out and show-off their pride and joy whether Euro, JDM, AUDM or USDM. With every meet a wider variety of cars attend. This meet was no different with some truly unique rides coming out for the day.

This Exa is a regular attendee to the events and is honestly one of my favourite cars getting around (I never thought I would say that about an Exa!).

There’s always a clown at every meet.

Just Cars providing the eye candy!


The lucky owner of a new FT86. Can’t wait to see these modded!

Some of the Downshift boys on the BBQ. A lot of sausages were cooked! Also a very tidy R34 GTR hiding behind the guys.

The old school crew were not left disappointed with this cool little ute running a 13B Peripheral Port, the number plates kind of give it away, but a cool sleeper nonetheless.

The Euro crew made a strong appearance, with the popular flavour being VWs and BMWs, but we were lucky enough to have a Lambo attend as well.

The JDM crew always put on a good showing with lots of Supras, Skylines and Civics as per usual and a few more unique rides thrown in.

Last but not least a big shout out to Matyas for putting in such a huge effort to getting the event organised. (sometimes I think he does it just for the girls)

More photos from the meet HERE and HERE

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