Turbosmart was kind enough to organise a dyno day in Queensland, held at Mercury Motorsport. For those of you who didn’t come, you missed out. Quality cars, quality girls, quality entertainment!

Drag Datto ute, 20B motor.

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HUGE turbo, 3 fuel rails, 3 wastegates, 2 BOVs. Serious bidness.

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There was always a decent crowd watching the dyno.

Back shed, with works in progress.

Part of the Mercury team.

Engine bay on a blue Evo X. Tidy!

As we all know, at these days it’s really all about hanging out with friends. These guys took over the couch and had a great time!

Eddie, Sharpy and Rory standing on the wall, waiting to be asked for a dance.

Loving the SSR Professors on this S15.

The lone biker of the day.

Charles finally bringing his car out in its new form, after a 6 month hiatus. Good to see you and the MX out again! Looking forward to taking more photos of this…

Not quite as quoted, but still made 709hp.

Sharpy’s sled, best of 350hp. That’s nice, but get those fronts on already!

I think the plates were actually a little conservative. From Charles’ memory, it made 864hp.

Andrew Murray, Tessa and Kevin Smith from Ballr Inc (NSW).

Aggressive Evo V, with a serious cage.

The car wash girls put on a great show, but there weren’t enough cars to wash unfortunately… Shall we have them out at the next DS meet?

The good life indeed. Looking good Leah!

I think I managed to stammer out something entertaining to get a reaction out of Mel..

My favourite Holden getting a wash.

And the two Turbosmart boys responsible for the day. Cheers guys!

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Fore more coverage, head to T-LD!

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