One of the best things about the car scene is watching the progression of cars: starting off stock and watching it slowly grow into a car which everyone talks about. I have been privileged enough to watch this happen many times with all different types of cars, but none more so than Brad’s S2000. I first met Brad in the days prior to Downshift way back in 2008, and since then his car has become some what of a celebrity in the Australian car scene.

After a long and torturous road of parts not turning up, boats sinking with parts on them, different workshops, to the blood sweat and tears of his own work, the end result of Brad’s AP1 is simply astonishing. Was this Australia’s best S2000? I personally think so, but I’ll let you decide. Come with me as I take you through this car inside and out.

Brad's AP1 S2000

The interior of Brad’s car was immaculate. A mixture of function vs form vs comfort.


His genuine Mugen S1 seats mounted on Bride seat rails allow for a firm grounding in the already tight S2000 cockpit. Situated behind the rear seat was a rare factory option of the clear perspex wind diffuser. The car was filled with updated bits and pieces to further modernise the feel, such as AP2 radio door, shift knob, leather console and centre console. Even little things like a glove box organiser and MUZ floormats accentuate the interior.

Stereo Audio / Visual / Electrical:

Hidden away in the very modest recesses of the S2000 doors and console are Brad’s upgraded audio components. An Alpine 9851 Headunit, Alpine T420 amplifier, Alpine SPX 177R X Type Tweeters, Option Audio Splits and Alpine 6 disc MP3/CD stacker are more than enough to play loud over the brilliant exhaust note this car had. Combined with that was a Modifry dash control interface, stereo adapter, and engine coolant temperature gauge fix. Tucked away unseen were his AEM 1052U ECU and Defi Link Controller leaving only his Defi Boost Gauge out in the open to monitor.

Brad's AP1 S2000

Brad's AP1 S2000

Brad's AP1 S2000


The exterior of VTEC was nothing short of jaw dropping. Very carefully selected parts that work together are integral in a build, and Brad NAILED it with his selection.

Continuing with the AP2 upgrades we have an AP2 bumper, AP2 “Modulo” front lip, Downforce AP2 bumper lip, and AP2 taillights and headlights. Running down the side of the car we have GP Sport side skirts, door caps and GP Sport rear pods. Painted to conform with the rest of the Monte Carlo Blue paneling was his J’s Racing style carbon fiber bonnet. The back of the S2K was beefed up with the J’s Racing carbon fiber rear diffuse, and at the top of the boot was the factory S2000 rear spoiler. One of the best visual modifications to this car was the Mugen-style carbon fibet hardtop (Seibon replica) fixed with the OEM hardtop kit. It got rid of the old sun-faded soft top, and brought about a classier, more modern feel to this beast. Little things like getting rid of the giant Japanese aerial with a mini counterpart and the infamous VTEC plates complete the bodywork aspect.

Brad's AP1 S2000

Brad's AP1 S2000

As is proven over and over again, wheels can make a car. Whereas the components they bolt over can brake a car. (Yeah, I heard you groan at that joke).

Fender bending specs (literally happened) on Brad’s S2000 for his mint Work Meister 3 piece S1s: 18×9″ +43 for the fronts and 18×10″ +43 for the rear held on by blue Work lug nuts. Very aggressive for a stock-bodied S2000. Poking their heads out from behind the 5 spoke masterpieces are Spoon monobloc calipers, a very sure stopping force clamping down on slotted DBA front and rear rotors. Tightening up the ride and allowing it to sit at this height is a combination of KW V3 coilovers, Whiteline X brace and a Cusco polished front strut brace.

Brad's AP1 S2000

Brad's AP1 S2000

Now. This next bit even has me giving myself a moment to pause. It’s no secret that I’ve always been a fan of cars with balls. Immaculate, functional, high horsepower engine setups always get me a little bit damp. VTEC is no exception.

Brad's AP1 S2000

I was going to talk as I have been about each bit. But with a list nearly as long as my arm, I’m just going to post the spec sheet. This seriously talks for itself in terms of quality, reliability and potential.


Laskey Racing Block
CP Pistons
Carrillo Rods
Darton Sleeves
ARP Headstuds
Brand New OEM Bearings
Micropolished crank

Ferrea Valves
Ferrea Dual Valve Springs
Ferrea Keepers
Ferrea Titanium Retainers
Port & Polished Head
Cometic Steel Head Gasket

RC750cc Injectors / ID1000
Walbro 255lph Fuel Pump
BDL Fuel Rail
BDL Fuel Filter
Full Blown Motorsports 74mm Throttle Body
AEM Fuel Pressure Regulator

Comptech Supercharger Kit with Aftercooler
Custom Paxton Novi 1500 (Mustang V6 / V8 / Camaro, Corvette etc blower)
Custom Tensioner
Custom Comptech Backing Plate
Custom Reichard Racing 3.0″ Ultra Grip Pulley
Custom Intake Arm
Spearco Front Mount Radiator

K&N Filter
Toda Racing Exhaust Header
Port & Polished Intake Manifold bored out to 72mm
Science Of Speed 3bar Map Sensor
Spoon Engine Oil Cap
Spoon Radiator Cap
ARC Titanium Radiator Cooling Plate
Spoon Reservoir Socks
Custom Powdercoated Spark Plug Cover
Cusco Brake Stopper
Polished Aluminum 52mm Radiator
Polished Valve Cover
Polished Intake Manifold
Polished Paxton Novi 1500 Supercharger
Polished ARC Heatshield
Polished J’s Racing 2-in-1 Catch Can & Radiator Overflow Tank
Polished Custom Intake Elbow
PWJDM Battery Tie Down
PWJDM Radiator Stays
PWJDM VTEC Solenoid Cover
Spoon Engine Torque Damper

Drivetrain & Transmission:
Stage 4 Competition Clutch
Fidanza Flywheel

Invidia V3 Dual 70mm Titanium Exhaust
Invidia test pipe

Brad's AP1 S2000

Southpark nailed their description of Brad’s engine bay, and even his whole car when they said:

Truly an all round street car. The complete package which I find a lot of modifiers lack these days.

Brad's AP1 S2000

The S2000 made a consistent 400hp with over 100 pulls on the dyno on the factory internal motor including stock headgasket. With the forged motor brad was hoping for over 500hp on 20-22psi. However, as life changes, opportunities arise and Brad was faced with a huge choice. Keep the S2000 and continue with it, or finally purchase his life long dream car at an unbelievably good price.

I’ll let you figure out what he chose to do with the next picture, a photo from the owner himself.

Until next time, enjoy.


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