Being a regular attender at the Porsche Club Queensland track days, it never ceases to amaze me regardless of rain or shine that these guys will not give up the chance to put their cars through the paces.

The Coopers brought along both their 993s, spectacularly clean…

…but built for a purpose.

Emily showing how it’s done in her own.

This wide body 964 was one of my favorites of the day, showing what a classic 911 is all about.

Where the business happens.

Pegasus “Flying Horse” – vintage Mobil Oil logo, but to many others so much more.

This isn’t something you see every day either.

Only 140 RHD models were produced by Porsche.

The Porsche Club allows many different cars to join in on the fun.

This Corvette Stringray had some issues during the morning, but later got out on the track and looked fine.

And check out the side exit exhausts.

APR made an appearance as well, with their Stage 4 500HP Golf R.

Dellow Racing are a regular supporter of Downshift, always informing us of future events.

Unfortunately we have to remember that while pushing the limit anything can happen, this wide body copping the negative side of racing.

But all in all, another great day of racing.

More images of the day to be found HERE

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