I was able to pop my head into the All Japanese & Classic Day on Sunday for a bit at Earnshaw State College and check out some awesome and some rare old school Japanese cars! It was great seeing a bunch of cars that I had never seen before and chatting to some of their owners. It’s good to see that a lot of these cars being 25+ years old are still in this good of condition and not rusted out sitting in a paddock somewhere in Japan.

There was a few R32 GTRs out too including this red Australian delivered one. 1 of 100 to be Aus delivered I believe.

The Daihatsu Club made an appearance as well.

Even though it was a Japanese day one of the new BMW i8s came out for a look. Everyone seemed in good spirits having it attend, probably because most people haven’t seen one in the flesh before. Definitely a sight to see, it’s one cool car.

Here’s the rest of my shots from the morning.

It was a great morning out, will be attending the next one for sure!

-Chris (Sirck)

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