Following on from our recent coverage of the Toyota 86 Racing Series LaunchToyota Australia invited us to cover their now-regular #Festivalof86.

All Jap Day-43

All Jap Day-34

It was clear on arrival, that these owners were very serious about their 86s, and not just there out of convenience.

All Jap Day-18

Attendees were treated to the worlds first public viewing of the Toyota 86 Shooting Brake Concept.

All Jap Day-69

All Jap Day-65

I didn’t totally hate it, but the internet was very divided in opinion over it. [Matyi: the ass reminds me of a CRX!]

All Jap Day-70

Toyota’s Design Chief, Nicolas Hogios who is responsible for its birth was floating around on the day posing for the occasional photo.

All Jap Day-151

Even more exciting, was that Tetsuya Tada AKA Tada-San, the Chief Engineer behind the 86 had flown in from Japan to attend the festival.

All Jap Day-93

You could tell the man was having a great day, not minding having his photo taken and taking in all the unique variations on his creation…

All Jap Day-428

All Jap Day-121

Even stopping to sign interior and exterior pieces for fans!

All Jap Day-37

Once we’d got the catch-ups and introductions out of the way, it was time to venture out and have a look at was was on display for the day. It’s safe to assume that the driving simulator was well used through the day.

FO86 Game

Skidpan rides were raffled off throughout the day…

All Jap Day-220

Various traders had their cars and parts on display…

All Jap Day-60

As well as some thoroughbred Toyotas.

All Jap Day-41

All Jap Day-63

Of course there were also a small handful of AE86s there…

All Jap Day-31

All Jap Day-33

and even sneaky Subarus.

All Jap Day-19

Clever plates paying homage to Initial D, from which made the original 86 quite famous.

All Jap Day-35

Some wanted more wing than others…

All Jap Day-20

While for some, a ducktail was enough.

All Jap Day-50

There was no shortage of personalisation.

All Jap Day-77

All Jap Day-39


Undoubtedly, the Rocket Bunny variations turned the most heads on the day.

All Jap Day-07

All Jap Day-47

All Jap Day-83

Towards the end of the day, various awards were handed out for categories like: distance traveled, vehicle stance, appearance and level of modification.

All Jap Day-119

All Jap Day-259

All Jap Day-234

With all of the presentations and speeches over for the day, all the attending 86s including the track-built versions were allowed to cruise the track together.

All Jap Day-275

All Jap Day-272

All Jap Day-317

All Jap Day-321

All Jap Day-287

All Jap Day-279

The day ended with a group photo…

All Jap Day-351

With Tada-san standing most proud.

All Jap Day-376

All Jap Day-160

Many thanks to the team at Toyota for having us on the day!

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