When Nick Ordev set out to build a car, he knew he wanted to snap necks. Being a religious Initial-D fan, he had his heart set on getting an AE86 Trueno, but finding one was another story altogether. After reading a couple of reviews, he did what seems to make sense to most 86 fans: purchased the newer sibling, the Toyota GT-86.


It wasn’t long before he decided on the Tra-Kyoto Rocket Bunny V2 Aero Kit, and had Jesse Streeter importing it into Australia.



The modifications didn’t stop there though. The car was lowered on K Sport coilovers, Whiteline front and rear sway bars, Hakon toe and trailing arms, all complimented nicely with a set of massive SSR SP1s.



Interior was also treated to a minor personal touch, with a 330mm KEY!S Racing wheel, which you grip while being hugged by the Bride Zeta III buckets.


Nick decided to mix it up a little from the usual Rocket Bunny wing, and instead opted for a controversially large Big Country Labs wing.


Guaranteed to feed the Facebook trolls for days!


Tail lights were also changed up to stand out from factory 86s.


Carbon Plus exaggerated the body even more with this carbon splitter.


This car is not just for looks either, it was driven all the way from Melbourne to Canberra for the Festival Of 86

All Jap Day-77

…and he plans on trips for events in Sydney! What’s even more exciting, is the future plans of forced induction and a Kaaz 2-way diff.


Kudos on a great build Nick, we look forward to seeing it at more events!

Words – Adam
Images – Vinh Mangalino | Vinhman Photo

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