A few weeks ago there wasn’t a whole lot I could’ve shared with you about Subaru’s that you don’t already know. When Downshift got invited to the 2017 Subinats on Phillip Island, I was super keen to go and check it out. It was finally time to get some insight in the world of Subarus and it’s culture.

Phillip Island circuit is a track I’ve always wanted to visit. It’s one of Australia’s most iconic tracks with views that make you go “ah, that’s nice” and fast sweeping corners that make tyres go “oh s**t”.

An early Saturday morning flight and 2 hour scenic drive later I was on the Island. First up was the chilled out show and shine where I finally got to meet the head organizer of the event, Motorsport Director of Impreza WRX Club, Kurt Miglas who showed me around like I was part of the family. We cruised the pits in his Hawkeeye WRX all prepped for time attack on Sunday. I got to meet a stack of cool guys all prepping their cars for a few practice runs that afternoon.

Unfortunately there were a few cars which had issues during practice and couldn’t compete any more including the 2016 Subinats winner Phil Bunter in his Ichiban prepped GC8.

What was super cool about Saturday was the reminder that it’s all about having fun. For those who weren’t running practice sessions along side the Alfas and Cobras, lap times were being attacked on the scaled down Phillip Island go-cart track. Best time went to Phil Bunter. A win is a win right?

If I could pick a daily WRX I’d go for a MY15 hatch. This wide body, time attack example belongs to Jared Scott. It runs a 2.3L with 380kw at the wheels. Just in the early hours of Saturday morning were the carbon fibre panels installed. Unfortunately luck wasn’t on his side on Sunday morning as he came off the track after the dipper and ate the grass damaging the front end.

The GotItRex GC8 is an absolute animal. I didn’t get to see it during practice and then there were some issues that prevented any chances of it seeing the track on Sunday. It runs a single turbo, 3.3L H6 with a sequential gearbox. Flat undercarriage and rear mounted radiator. The combination of lightweight and big displacement would’ve been great to see on Sunday.

Nicknamed the 25BB is the widebody MY16 STI. The billet block was tuned to 622kW however is capable of handling up to 50psi of boost and providing 800kW. It’s a T-Rex in wolfs clothing.

The main event on Sunday was non-stop time attack runs from 7:00am till 5:00pm

Trader alley provided all your Subaru needs. If the part wasn’t there, you sure knew where to go to get it.

and a show and shine behind the pits.

Spot the 22B

Ben Mclaren drove his GC8 in the Super Sprint class with a 2.5L producing 315kW at the wheels, which was down 100kW from WTAC. He had a few glitches preventing him going full throttle but still managed to get it out on the track throughout the day and have a blast.

The access around the track is brilliant and not just for media.

By the end of the day the top three top results were awarded to Nev Scott in first place in Open Class with a time of 1:41.5929. Garth Walden in second place from the Super Sprint Class with a time of 1:42.8795 and third to Kurt Miglas also in Super Sprint Class with a time of 1:44.9629.

After the day was done it was time to get some rest before the drive back to NSW. Luckily for me I got a ride back travelling in convoy with Ben Mclaren and Troy Patterson from Prospeed Racing. The scenic roads look so much better travelling with race cars.

What I noticed about the participants and attendees of Subinats was the sense of community. Their passion sticks them together. From getting thumbs up on the highway, having a laugh at the go-cart track to the social dinner. I haven’t seen any other club or event where the social side is just as important as the cars. I’m only too proud to be apart of that community now and look forward to catching up with these guys and girls again at the next event in Sydney!

Bonus Imagery

The number of Subarus in the spectator carpark proves how strong the following is.

Franknrex, the LS swapped WRX

Benny’s Custom Works, LS swapped BRZ coming soon

No road? No problem

The elevation changes are another factor that’s thrown into the mix.

Domenic Ciccio

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