[Cody] I was honestly never that much into the car world as a kid, that was until I bought my 86 in 2014. After picking it up and joining the online community and seeing what modifications everyone was doing to their cars, I was quickly bitten by the mod bug.

I did the usual “P plater” mods: bit of exterior touch ups, wheels, coilovers, exhaust etc, and was pretty happy with how it had progressed, so I took it to my first Downshift meet. It was coming to the end of the event and we were about to leave, when a BMW Z4 rolled in on beautiful CR2P wheels and aired out in the middle of the grounds, with perfect lip-to-guard fitment and lots of camber. I was blown away seeing a car like this in person, I always saw them online but in person it was so different. I was instantly hit with a vision of what I wanted my car to look like, and that night I went home and made a savings plan to buy everything I need. I worked out it would take me about 3 months to save for what I wanted to buy. I was so impatient and excited that I lived off the bare minimums, and 1 month later somehow managed to scrape enough together to order new wheels and an Airlift Kit and suspension arms.

Ever since then it’s been non stop with the parts and new ideas. I’ve had the best time of my life taking the car interstate for shows like World Time Attack, and met some of my best friends through the scene.

Since then it’s been fitted with wide front fenders and rear Rocket Bunny flares which have been moulded into the body, replaced practically every suspension arm front and rear, installed Flow designs side and front diffusers and the car now sits on Work Meister S13P which are 18×10 -17 front and 18×12 -53 effective offset at the rear.

The most common comments I hear about the car is regarding the crazy camber. People have a lot of preconceived notions about camber which just aren’t true. This is my daily driver so it’s a lot practical than most people think by looking at it. Whether it’s “I bet those tyres only last 2 weeks” or “I bet you’d break traction every time you turned a corner” I’ve heard it all. I live in a small town 2 hours from Brisbane so whenever I have to go there (which is often) I have to drive 2 hours on the highway at 100km an hour, and the car has never skipped a beat. If I felt like I was in danger driving this car on the road, I wouldn’t drive it. I think a lot of people’s minds would be different if they actually took a car like this on a spirited drive through some windy roads to see how it performs.

Right now my inspirations are just seeing some of the crazy stuff the guys are doing in the states and the rest of the world and wanting to do something like that down here.

Near future mods is a Rocket Bunny spoiler which is being moulded into the boot, a refinished colour on the wheels and a full colour change for the car before hopefully making my way down to Hot Import Nights at the end of the year.

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