Recently, I headed to Malaysia to do some car related stuff, such as checking out Kiss of the Horizon and Noequal’s Tea & Tires.

On the day of my departure from Kuala Lumpur, my mate Ifwat gave me the chance to briefly duck into Sepang International Circuit, very near the airport.

Ifwat’s GTR was a great transport vehicle.

And then I stepped into a pit garage to check out an F3 open wheeler. Noone had an issue with me poking around, surprisingly!

Testing was well underway. Sound was incredible, especially given they were only a few metres away!

Spotted some Aussie race teams prepping also.

Wild Bentley!

Civic TCRs are SO nice.

Check out this interior!

Audi R8 LMS

The chrome McLaren you saw in the pit garage, above. Looked WAY nicer than in the garage!

I was also treated to this little cutie, sitting in one of the warehouses a little way back from the track. Gorgeous!


Looking forward to making my way back to KL again for more car scene stuff!

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