An enormous number of cars all prepared for a huge weekend in Sydney, travelling here from several states only to arrive for an event which was postponed due to a Sunday forecast with woeful weather. Also to find the Sydney Highway Patrol were out in force and claimed several victims, the weekend seemed to be in a downward spiral. However, rain or not, Downshift, Tuned. and Street-Cover pulled together to revive a lost weekend, and host the second of the United events. With only a couple of days of organization, the teams absolutely knocked it out of the park to ensure nobody had a wasted weekend in the wonderful land of Sydney.

Awake bright and early to get my camera gear together and travel down to Sydney Motorsport Park for a 9am entrance, I was pleasantly surprised by the sunny weather, seeing no clouds in the sky. With moods up and the weather looking good, I was excited to not only bring out the camera, but to bring the car out for the first time in months!

When first rolling past the entry gates, i was instantly gobsmacked by the incredible location for which this event was housed in for the day.

Underneath the grandstand of the raceway provided the perfect environment, giving everyone shelter from the intermittent, but light rain and the harsh sun and aided in bringing everyone together for a super friendly and social day!

Watching the cars arrive, filling in the undercover area, reminded me of the events you see in the states hosted at stadiums. It was a long needed change of scenery to the usual event locations in Sydney, which I believe should definitely return!

I can say this with no doubt in my mind, that the quality of cars at United #2, was absolutely outstanding! Boasting incredible cars, not only from Sydney, but many from Victoria and Queensland , the main area of the event was riddled with absolute beauty!

The mixture of interstate cars and those closer to home provided a refreshing view to the crowds, and the other end of my camera. Not only were hometowns from all over the place, but there was also a broad variety of styles in attendance!

there was eye candy for everyone

From stance to supercars!

After hours of catching up with friends, taking photos, and enjoying what a couple of days ago seemed to be a lost weekend, the end of the event was nearing. So myself and several other photographers gathered a small bunch of quality cars and headed to a secluded warehouse for a private shoot… we really wanted to make the most of this Sunday.

Never have I been apart of a shoot which was so fast, a group of noisy, low and generally ridiculous looking cars in an industrial area on a weekend with heavy police presence.

It’s safe to say nerves were high, so we got what we could, not being too greedy or pushing our luck, and left without issue… safe!

What a killer weekend! Seeming to be a lost cause at first,  completely turned around. Getting to catch up with friends who are only around a couple of times a year and be around incredible cars, what more could you ask for? United #2 was probably the most enjoyable event I have attended in some time, the location was great, the cars were great, and the atmosphere was incredible. This event brought out everything i thoroughly enjoy in the Australian car scene, and can not wait for the next!

But now there was only one thing left on the agenda, which sadly, was to help some friends prepare for their journey back to Victoria, but what better way to end a killer weekend than some good old driveway hangs with cool cars, chill music and good company!

Words and images by Mitchell Fewtrell – Set In Film

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