If the action over two days of World Time Attack Challenge wasn’t enough, from late afternoon to the night, the crowd was presented with one of Australia’s best drifting events, the International Drifting Cup.

The drifting had drivers and cars from several corners of the globe to keep things lit.

As far as entertaining the crowd goes, there’s not much that can compare with a show quality built cars blazing tyres putting on a smoke show.

It’s difficult to understand how these cars can look so good and still be a drift car.

Out from Japan was Naoki Nakamura and his insane S15 who took the win of the event. His car reflects his driving, chaotic style. He literally chased a leader off the track.

HKS brought out the HKS Racing Performer RS-3 piloted by Nob Taniguchi. It’s an 800ps Toyota 86 powered by a 2JZ and the HKS catalogue.

Matty Hill in his newly built S15.

Jase Brown in his Rocket Bunny V2 S14

Brad Tuohy and the LS 86

Beau Yates in the Toyota Parts 86

Joel Dimmack in his VR38 powered 240Z

Matt Russell, because what’s a drift event without an AE86

Dale Campaign’s S13

Drift Squid, Jake Jones’ RB powered E92

The Australian built FD3S driven by Drift Zamurai

Fanga Dan Woolhouse from across the pond in the Muzzy

NZer Jaron Olivecrona in his V12 S14. One of the best sounding drift cars ever.

Fatboy, Carl Thompson’s S15

Conor Shanahan showing us some Irish smoke

Danny Probert representing Straya is the Barra powered XD Falcon

Words & Photos by Domenic Ciccio

Instagram: @motorvated

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