Picture this: you are standing in the middle of the woods. The birds are chirping, the wind is gently kissing your face with a sweet smell that you can only get in the great outdoors. You feel almost zen like, completely at ease.

But wait, then you hear something. It is out of place in this tranquil oasis. It sounds like a scolded mosquito angrily making its way to you at warp speed! Then before you can turn to face this turbocharged terror, you are sprayed with mother nature’s own terra firma and then treated with a spectacular vision of a rally car, dancing gracefully around the corner showing you her gorgeous rear.Then she is out of view leaving a dust cloud in its wake… Welcome to the Caves Rally of 2019!!!

The “Caves Rally” has been around for many years, situated out in the district of Oberon. This year, there were 8 stages of white knuckle rally with some of the best tracks in the country.

With over 128kms of competitive racing and on some tracks that haven’t been used in over 30 years, it was no wonder that this year’s rally was a crowd-pleaser.

This year’s rally started at race HQ at the Oberon Leagues Club where the Mayor, Kathy Sajowitz declared the race open. Over the course of the day there was tonnes of action both on and off the track.

From the majestic dancing of well-steered rally cars to hunters driving the wrong way on the track and the official putting up chase.

There even was an instance where one of the Lancers made a wrong turn and made two officials check their pulse as you can see here…..

Part of the action was created by some of the more vintage rally bred monsters showing the crowd that they still can get it done when they need to.

From Escorts and Triumphs to silvias, Lancers, WRX’s it was nothing short of breathtaking.

The landscape varied between stages which was refreshing. Part of the rally was held in a very dense wooded area, then in an area which resembles what can only be described as a scene out of the Cyprus WRC stage. It was all here to be had.

Once the dust settled at the end of the day, the results spoke for themselves:

1st – Glen Raymond 1:18:32

2nd – Richard Shimmon +42.0

3rd – Tristan Kent +1:34.0

4th – Glenn Brinkman +2:57.0

5th – Andrew Penny +4:06.0

Congratulations to the top 5 on a fantastic result. A special thank you to all the drivers, officials, support staff, the Mayor and of course all the sponsors who undoubtedly work tirelessly to ensure the Rally is as a success as it was.

I don’t usually offer an opinion or a perspective in my writing, nor do I refer to myself in the article, but this time, I’d like to add a point of view form the perspective of a Photographer.

This was the first rally I have ever attended. Up to this point I have only ever covered track events when it came to motorsport. I was honestly blown away.

From the spectator points situated in the most gorgeous parts of NSW to the professionalism of the cars and drivers, the friendliness spectators (which I had some lovely conversations with) it was an event that I will not forget and will definitely be returning to.

Photos and Article by Daniel Ferraro


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