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  • DS Does Japan – Bayside Meeting

    DS Does Japan – Bayside Meeting

    This article is one of our DS Does Japan series from our recent trip to the land of the rising sun, courtesy of Toyota Australia. […]

  • An open letter to the Premier II

    An open letter to the Premier II

    Last Sunday, we once again held our regular Brisbane meet at Rocklea. The cops turned out in force, so following on from 2013’s fiasco I’ve […]

  • Porsche Forum Cars & Coffee

    Porsche Forum Cars & Coffee

    I love getting out to all the different variety of meets, especially to the ones that bring out the cars that you don’t often see […]

  • DS Cinque 2014

    DS Cinque 2014

    Five years… What a journey its been! Downshift started as a small photo blog published by Rory… Today, it is one of the largest car […]

  • An open letter to the Premier

    An open letter to the Premier

    Yesterday marked our biggest event yet, with an attendance of approximately 1200 cars. Behaviour was fantastic from all concerned and everything went swimmingly, until the […]

  • #Festival of 86

    #Festival of 86

    Hot on the heels of our previous story for the press event of the Toyota 86’s 1st birthday, we were also invited to the public […]

  • The Toyota 86 turns one

    The Toyota 86 turns one

    A couple of weeks ago, we received another one of those mysterious emails that I always look forward to. The source was Toyota Motor Corporation […]

  • Fuel For Charity

    Fuel For Charity

    Everyday Hero, All Stars and Zen Garage ran a charity car show on the 28th of July, to raise money for the Leukemia Foundation. It […]

  • 100MM Certified

    100MM Certified

    It’s been far too long since Melbourne has had an event that showcased our local cars, but thanks to the team from 100MM the many […]